• Sacred Journeys Shamanic Retreat Centre is the home of Shamanic Teaching and Wisdom. Sacred Journeys Shamanic Retreat Centre is the home of Shamanic Teaching and Wisdom.
  • Sacred Journeys Shamanic Retreat Centre is a sanctuary dedicated to healing and growth. Sacred Journeys Shamanic Retreat Centre is a sanctuary dedicated to healing and growth.
  • Expand your mind body and spirit through Shamanic Teaching and Wisdom. Expand your mind body and spirit through Shamanic Teaching and Wisdom.
  • Develop empowering and effective relationships through Shamanic Wisdom. Develop empowering and effective relationships through Shamanic Wisdom.
  • Nourish your soul and rekindle your passion for life. Nourish your soul and rekindle your passion for life.
  • Unlock your naturalness and follow your dreams. Unlock your naturalness and follow your dreams.
  • Increase your personal power and awareness. Increase your personal power and awareness.
Sacred Journeys Shamanic Retreat Centre in KZN South Africa

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Sacred Journeys is a Shamanic Teaching,Training and Retreat Centre in KZN, South Africa, dedicated to growth, healing and Mindful Living.

Shamanic Teaching and Wisdom is an ancient body of knowledge

that demonstrates an intimate and profound understanding of

Nature, Science, Psychology and Physiology - all the ingredients

that describe and explain to us what it means to be truly human.


What is Sacred Journeys?

Sacred Journeys was birthed from the fundamental Shamanic principles that the life of every human being is to be road leading us along our sacred journey of life respected as a Sacred Journey with the inherent rights of self-knowledge, self-love and self-authority in order to live a rewarding life. Learning how to exercise these rights and pursue our dreams is a personal journey of self discovery and healing. Without direction or guidance it can be filled with detours, roadblocks, confusion and frustration. We don’t always know what we really want let alone which direction to go in.

Regardless of how we travel along our Sacred Journey we deserve respect, acceptance and support. Our goal at Sacred Journeys is to provide support and guidance to heal the past in order to find your heart’s desire. Through Shamanic Teaching and Wisdom, you will be equipped with the knowledge, tools and skills to uncover the “real” you and to create a road map leading to new discoveries and opportunities for growth. You will learn to feed your soul's hunger for the emergence of your naturalness and the evolution of your shining. The Elders have said, “Our shining radiates a beacon of light that enriches the tapestry of the universe.  This is the Great Work we have come to perform.  It is our inevitable destiny”.


What is Shamanic Teaching and Wisdom?

twisted hair grandmotherThroughout history humans have looked to ancient Shamanic Teachings, prophesies and spiritual visionaries for knowledge into the many unanswered questions, to gain insights into the future and for a deeper understanding of the world. This human need birthed Shamanism in its various forms throughout most indigenous cultures around the world.

Shamanic Teaching and Wisdom of this path, comes from a body of sacred knowledge gathered and preserved by the Medicine Women and Men of power and knowledge from across North, Central & South America. They chose to seek knowledge from many sources beyond their villages and tribes in order to improve their mastery of the physical world, awaken their spirit, find personal healing, develop into whole human beings and find perfect alignment with Great Spirit. These people made Shamanism their way of life, leaving behind them the legacy of Shamanic Teaching, Healing and Wisdom.

Basic to any Shamanic Teaching is the Medicine Wheel, which can be seen as a cognitive “mind map” that best describes the circular nature of energy and how it moves and changes in everything around us. All Shamanic Teaching and Wisdom is conveyed through the Medicine Wheel. The Medicine Wheel allows us the capacity for a deeper understanding of the cyclical patterns within our life experiences and the circular nature of the universe. Each wheel is based on a Shamanic Teaching related to a concept or subject such as the Wheel of the Plant World or the Five Aspects of a Human Wheel. The wheels open us to the heart of Shamanism because they reveal how everything is interconnected with each other representing universal truth and the unity of all things seen and unseen, known and unknown. They bring us face to face with knowledge and connect us to the invisible fabric of all of creation, weaving together everything around us and within us. The Shamanic Teaching and Wisdom of the wheels are incredibly rich, demonstrating an intimately profound understanding of nature, science, psychology and physiology – all the ingredients that describe and explain what it means to be truly human!

Shamanic Teaching provides a template to human healing,twisted hair grandfather sharing shamanic teachinggrowth and development. It presents the practical knowledge essential to engaging more effectively in work, play and relationships within our family, tribe and nation. Shamanic Teaching establishes a foundation of support for the ultimate expressions of our humanness; showing us the road to healing by moving beyond ignorance, superstition and blind religious dogma. In this way we can share with one another, teach one another, care for one another, love one another, and open our hearts to one-hearted communication. Shamanic Teaching houses a space for healing relationships and gathering together in a circle of sisters and brothers as part of the solution so that we can walk lightly on Grandmother Earth, celebrating our beauty and hers, with the care and responsibility we all deserve.


What are the Benefits of Shamanic Teaching, Healing and Wisdom?

leaf from sacred journeys logoaccept that change is natural and align to the changes and healing that positively shape your life

leaf from sacred journeys logolearn to access your inner wisdom and free yourself of dependencies and beliefs that restrict your growth 

leaf from sacred journeys logounlock and master your natural talents, skills and abilities as you deepen your intuition

leaf from sacred journeys logobring more pleasure into your life with greater success at achieving your goals

leaf from sacred journeys logocreate a healthier relationship with your body with more energy to do the things you love

leaf from sacred journeys logodevelop healthy, fulfilling relationships with loved ones, family and friends

leaf from sacred journeys logodiscover your life purpose as you expand your spiritual connection to life


What is Shamanism?
Perhaps the best way to answer this question is to first look at how Shamanism has been misunderstood andanishnabe totem pole from northern ontario, canadamisinterpreted. If you look up Shamanism on the internet you will find various definitions form describing Shamanism to be an animistic religion and trance journeying for healing and soul retrieval to countless other romanticized and “new age” renditions. Shamanism is a loose term given to an ancient prehistoric body of Shamanic Teaching, wisdom, knowledge and healing practises gathered and passed on through the ages by indigenous people across the world. It is at the core of all religions, spiritual beliefs and healing practises. Standing the test of time, Shamanism has managed to retain its integrity through the fundamental truths it was founded upon.

In its most rudimentary form Shamanism is about the understanding and mastering of energy in every facet and every configuration of its use and misuse throughout time, space and dimension. You could say Shamanism is the ancient precursor to quantum physics and human psychology. By its own nature, energy is abundant. It flows freely and effortlessly through space and matter. When energy is blocked or restricted, it builds up and over prolonged periods of time, it creates discomfort and dis-ease in the body and will eventually become toxic. As you can imagine, the energy used in productive or positive patterns is healthy and promotes pleasure, healing and knowledge, while the energy used in unproductive or negative patterns is unhealthy and promotes pain, sickness and ignorance. 
Canadian flag with twisted hair elder holding sacred medicine pipeShamanism is both a path and a platform to your growth and healing, by making the necessary changes in your life in order to reclaim your wholeness as a sacred human. Shamanism is based in these truths and focuses on healing the dysfunctional use of energy.  Therefore Shamanic healing can be seen as the act of letting go of an unproductive use of energy in order to gain more health in your body. The misuse of energy is related to your past and the dysfunctional ways you chose to protect yourself from the things that caused you pain. Beating yourself up and believing you are dysfunctional only breeds more self pity and will lead down the path to despair and depression. Shamanism understands that every given moment every human being is doing the best they can with what they have. You are no different. Who you are as you read this, is the product of everything you have done, felt and experienced in your life. Who you will become after you have read this is yet unknown because you haven’t experienced it yet. Who you desire to become can only manifest by facing and healing the pain of your past and letting go of limitations. Shamanism provides the way to healing yourself and freeing up this precious energy so you can start living the kind of life you have always dreamt of. 


A personal journey with Shamanism.

I write these reflections with humble gratitude for the countless gifts the path of Shamanism has given me.

I came to this Shamanic path as a wounded man lacking direction and seeking refuge from my own life.  From my youth I carried an unshakeable dissatisfaction with myself and life. There was an inner knowing that there had to be more to life than this, but had no clue how to change any part of it. My past haunted me, my future was shrouded in darkness and my present was too painful to look at.  I carried depression as a constant companion. It felt like something inside me was broken. I knew things had to change and that I needed healing. I also knew I had a calling to be of service by helping others to heal and find their own path. I also knew I couldn’t do it alone. I needed teaching, training, support and guidance, especially with my own healing. 
In my introduction to Shamanism my teachers told me not to believe anything they shared or anything they taught me. As you can imagine, I was both surprised and puzzled by this statement. Believing in someone or something without having personal knowledge and experience of it leads to slavery, ignorance and dogma. Belief bears the burden of proof. My teachers were laying the burden of proof upon me by asking me to suspend my judgments, take in the teaching and then test it out so I could find my own truth. They went on to say that through experiencing the Shamanic Teachings personally we awaken to the universal truths that live inside the cellular memory in all of us. Shamanism just like life must be experienced in order to access its knowledge, discover its truth and gain its wisdom. Although many consider Shamanism to be a spiritual path it is more a path that brings us back to the basics of life. Shamanism helps us to live in right relationship with everything around us and leads us to the real truth of who we are. 
In my early years I consumed the Shamanic Teachings with a ravenous hunger for knowledge.  Everything made sense to me. It was as if the things I knew to be true were being spoken through these ancient Shamanic Teachings. The Shamanic Ceremonies opened doorways inside of me that I had kept securely locked or didn’t even know existed.  They brought me face to face with the fears, insecurities and pain that lurked like demons in my shadow. With each demon I had the courage to face and release I found healing and renewed energy to face even more. Shamanism teaches us that everything is energy, including our fears. I learned about firsthand through dealing with my shadow. I also discovered that the more I did this, the more I liked myself. I was more comfortable looking into my own eyes and the eyes of others. My insatiable desire to grow and change propelled me along the Shamanic path. I became an Apprentice to the twisted hair lineagemaking Shamanism an integral part of my life. I quickly moved into leadership which opened even more doors of self discovery and healing. I learned how to teach in the Shamanic way by openly sharing the stories of my wounded past and how the teachings and ceremonies helped me find the healing I knew I needed.
At some point during all of this healing, change and growth I had found through Shamanism, I began to slow down. I found I was more comfortable in my own skin with less drive to grow and change. The fiery urgency for healing wasn’t burning in me as strongly. I felt challenged to discover new ways to motivate myself and found myself falling back into familiar old patterns which proved unsuccessful and frustrating. The thought of turning to anything to do with Shamanism grew less appealing. I could feel myself gradually drifting away from the Shamanic path as I slid sideways into a holding pattern of mediocrity, complacency and lethargy. My attention wandered in other directions which served only to entertain me briefly. I despaired over my condition and blamed the Shamanic path for having lost its appeal. I had the same recurring unanswered questions plaguing me daily. “What will I do with what I have learned from Shamanism?”  “How will I share the gifts I have received through Shamanism?” “What will inspire me to follow my calling to be of service?”
It wasn’t until I came to South Africa that a new door was opened and I started answering these questions. It felt like I had been lead to this far away land to set me back on course with purpose. I was being guided back to my Sacred Journey of becoming a Nagual and sharing these life changing teachings of Shamanism. The seeds of destiny had found fertile soil and were born into Sacred Journeys, a home for Shamanic Teaching, Healing and Wisdom.

In reflecting back along my own Sacred Journey to this point in my life, I can see how the same cyclical patterns that were playing out in my life, weave their way throughout the fabric of the entire universe. Everything has its ups, downs, highs and lows. Nothing is immune to this or excluded from it including myself. Somehow I had come to believe that if I was walking my Sacred Journey, living my dream and following my destiny, that everything would be smooth and easy. Shamanism has taught me that to solve a problem or issue I must become aware of it first. It also taught me that the best place to find the answers is in nature. Nothing in nature stops growing and changing so what made me think I could stop mine. Everything follows a process of cycling through moments of rapid growth and change and then slowing down to near stillness only to speed up again.  Nature teaches that it takes time and patience for the acorn to become a mature oak tree.  The acorn must first go into the darkness of the earth before it can re-emerge into the light growing towards its potential.  Even as it grows, its roots stay firmly planted in that darkness drawing nutrition, support and sustenance.  Looking into the darkness of the past provides us with the healing, support and wisdom to make better choices.  Regardless of its circumstance or given environmental situation, the oak tree is focused on its unrelenting growth to the light as its roots continue driving past any obstacles or obstructions in the earth’s darkness that would inhibit its growth.  My self-importance was my obstacle and so once again I must look into the shadow and face my demons in order to grow.

Questioning our existence is the soul’s voice inspiring us to continue looking into our shadow, healing and seeking until we find the answers we are looking for.  We must be patient as we learn to breathe in life more fully and take more risks.  If a slip up happens and an old behaviour pops up, just bring it into awareness and reengage with the process of letting it go.  When the unknown, the new and the mysterious become our focus, we emerge like the acorn from the earth and embrace the joy of life. 
Lou Worldweaver




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