Sacred Journeys Shamanic Retreat Center

We extend heartfelt gratitude to Louis from ‘BoltonInc’ for his exceptional skill & expertise in creating these videos with so much love & care.



The term that best describes me is that of Medicine Woman. I explore the essence – the ‘Medicine’ within everything. This is the gift I share, my give-away. Each day I celebrate my Sacred Medicine Journey of Life by opening my heart & mind to myself, to life & to all living beings that walk with me.

I seek the beauty & purity within all things as I surf the chaotic and magickal waves of life’s journeying. The act of healing & becoming more of myself means that I have more to share with others who may be searching.

Building on years of training, knowledge & experience, I hold a space of support for those who are drawn to work with me. I listen with clarity to their life stories & I challenge them to see other perspectives in order to take a different approach to life. This provides them with the opportunity to open their hearts & minds, find more of themselves and gain acceptance, appreciation and self-love.

“It occurs to me that we are always dreaming and creating, whether we know it or not, and so we owe it to ourselves to create our lives with the greatest measure of awareness we can.”



If I were to describe myself with one word I would have to say I’m an artist, which means that I seek to find the beauty in everything I see and experience. Teaching a group of students, leading a ceremony, having a conversation, cooking a meal and making love are all artistic expressions of one’s beauty. The greatest of these expressions is to live life as the greatest masterpiece one could ever create.

For over two decades, I have been weaving beauty into my own life as well as empowering others to do the same for themselves by applying my multifaceted skills and mastery as an accomplished international teacher, human behaviour specialist, counsellor, writer, ceremonialist and artist. I believe we are all born with the spirit of the Eagle, destined to soar in freedom and to share our unique beauty with the world. With this intent in mind, Laurel Weaving Willow and I co-founded Sacred Journeys in Drummond, KZN, where we provide the tools, knowledge and support for people to heal, free their spirit and emerge into the beautiful Eagles they are.

Visiting the Centre & Medicine Wheel Gardens


An hour, a day, a weekend or even a week or two…

Situated in Drummond, in the picturesque Valley of 1000 Hills midway between Durban & Pietermaritzburg, Sacred Journeys is a 7½ acre sanctuary where you can retreat from the busy-ness of the world out there & re-connect to nature & yourself.

Whether you join us for one of our Awareness Programs, Retreats or Workshops or prefer to walk your own path of self-discovery, Sacred Journeys gives you the space & time for reflection to find yourself again.
Our one of a kind Medicine Wheel Gardens have much to share with you. Wind yourself into the “Tapu’at” or Mother-Child Labyrinth to feel her rhythm of new life. Spiralling into its centre you will meet Grandfather Baobab, who gently whispers his song of wisdom. Lighten your spirit by playing with the faeries in the ‘Tolilaqui’ garden or let the sound of the trickling water flow intimately into the rhythm of your heart song. Align to the heartbeat of the earth as you step into the welcoming embrace of the Goddess Circle.

Gardens1Harmonise yourself with this open air orchestra as you
merge your senses with the exquisite sunsets & the breathtaking views.

You are welcome to visit us (please give us a call first to make arrangements) & experience one of our complimentary Shamanic Ceremonies available for those who wish to delve into self-exploration using the Medicine Wheel Teachings. We only ask that you give a donation or a Heart Gift* for the continued availability & upkeep of the Centre.

The Flowering Tree Ceremony
guides you around the Medicine Wheel so you can identify what is holding you back from fully manifesting your Dream.Gardens2

The Medicine Wheel Walk opens doorways to each direction of the wheel so you can look into the different aspects of your Self & reclaim the lost parts of your wholeness.

The Nature Walk Talk creates an opportunity to communicate with & listen to the worlds of the minerals, plants, animals & humans. Walk & talk with these worlds & allow them to become your teachers & guides. Learn to silence the inner voice by taking command of your inner world while listening to & learning from the outer world.

*It is traditional protocol to give a Heart Gift as a balance of energy, to express your appreciation and acknowledgement and to honour the energy extended on your behalf by the Dance Chief when they hold a sacred space for you, perform a ceremony for you, give a teaching or provide healing work. The engagement that takes place during Shamanic Medicine Work happens on many levels including the Tonal (everyday physical reality, where money serves as the most efficient source of exchange) and the Nagual (all spiritual levels, where a Heart Gift may be given as an exchange). Gifting the Dance Chief in this way ensures the energy exchange is equal and that there are no energetic debts at any level.

Heart gifts are just that – a gift from your heart, given with the receiver in mind and can include something that is created, bought or that you have in abundance. A Heart Gift is usually given with an offering of tobacco, which symbolises the sealing of one’s intent and your commitment to Spirit. This can be either be a pouch of tobacco or a tobacco bundle which is made by taking a pinch of tobacco, wrapping it in red fabric (representing protection) and tying it closed with red yarn.