African Medicine Wheel Astrology

Align to your natural essence

What does AMWA focus on?

The intent of AMWA is to share with you the knowledge of your natural gifts so that they can be experienced.

African Medicine Wheel Astrology is a merging of the Medicine Wheel Teachings of the indigenous peoples of the Americas and ancient wisdom of the African Animals.

AMWA will take you on a journey of awakening to the wisdom of this great African continent through the perspective of the Medicine Wheel.

This one of a kind, uniquely powerful and insightful form of Astrology is unparalleled by any other modality, providing an access into the exploration and understanding of human nature.

You will expand your imagination, find greater self-expression and develop more awareness.

Once knowledge is experienced, it is first integrated as truth and then becomes wisdom.

How do we achieve this?

Within the paradigm of African Medicine Wheel Astrology, you have a Birth Constellation of 20 Totem Allies.

They revolve around you like the planets around the sun, continually communicating with you as your own personal advisors.

Through AMWA you are given the opportunity to get to know each of them, learn about their unique gifts and discover how they can provide you with insight, guidance and direction in every part of your life.

AMWA supports you as you align to your natural essence, discover the truth of who you really are, unlock your inner wisdom and follow your life’s purpose as you find the answers to questions like…

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Where am I going?

You will also receive your Birth Totem Affirmation that you can use daily to stay connected to your fullest potential possible.

What form does AMWA take?

> Book a 90-minute AMWA Reading
> Attend a two-day workshop

AMWA Readings

During your recorded 90 minute reading you will be introduced to your complete Birth Constellation with details of how each Ally works with you and empowers you to find solutions, clear blockages and step into your true calling in life. You will learn how to improve essential components of your life like intimacy, creativity, free will, health and how to live more fully in Awareness.

AMWA Workshops

AMWA has inspired many on their journey towards greater understanding of themselves & how they do life. The unique blend of Medicine Wheel Teachings & African Animal Archetypes provide an opportunity for us to access ancient wisdom within ourselves. Only then can we embrace our natural gifts & talents & create our lives in the way we choose.

On this two-day Shamanic Workshop, you will be guided on a personal journey into the seat of your Soul’s consciousness to meet & work with the Animal Allies in your Birth Constellation. You will be able to walk with each of your Animal Allies as they teach you about different parts of yourself & how to awaken the ancient wisdom within so you can realise your destiny & manifest your life as a work of art.

Who would benefit from AMWA?

> Anyone wishing to delve into their own deeper mysteries in order to expand their consciousnessOverall Layout of Cards
> Anyone who wants to break free from the stress and confusion in their lives and get focused on moving in a more positive direction
> Anyone seeking to address recurring issues of health, relationship and life purpose
> Anyone trying who wants to understand and deal with limiting or self-sabotaging behaviours
> Anyone who wants to take control of their lives and achieve self-empowerment
> Anyone seeking inspiration to identify and pursue their dreams…

What is your AMWA birth ally?

AMWA Eagle

January 20 – February 18


February 19 – March 20


March 21 – April 20


April 21 – May 20


May 21 – June 20


June 21 – July 22


July 23 – August 23


August 24 – September 22


September 23 – October 22


September 23 – October 22


November 22 – December 21


December 22 – January 19