African Medicine Wheel Astrology

Align to your Natural Essence

African Medicine Wheel Astrology was birthed from marrying the ancient wisdom of two lands, Africa and North America.

The African animals hold a priceless wisdom about survival, harmony, synchronicity, alignment, power, strength and balance. African wisdom is imbued in its soil. The animals carry this wisdom in their bones and it flows in their blood. It lives and breathes in every cell of their being.

The Medicine Wheel teachings of North America provide a roadmap for humans to follow in pursuit of these same qualities. The Good Red Road is paved with the wisdom and knowledge of North America. Walking along this path leads us back to humility, peace, acceptance and benevolence.

The separation created from our egocentric mindset has been detrimental to all life on Grandmother Earth. We act out of self-serving interest with no regard for the damage we are causing to all life on the planet. Our narcissistic behaviours of strip mining, fracking and deforestation are only a few examples of the destructive impact we have had.

The intent of AMWA is to open our minds and heal our hearts. We need to take responsibility and right the wrongs we have done. This can only be accomplished by healing our separation from the rest of life. The earth is abundant, giving unconditionally to all her children, including us. We must learn to thrive from nature’s example. Our impulse to horde, stockpile and amass just keeps us separate, disconnected and afraid. Our survival cannot be motivated by fear. It must come from harmony, alignment and awareness. These and many other essential qualities are made available to us through AMWA.

African Animal Collage2AMWA shows us that these qualities rest within us. They are our natural gifts.

Most of them lay dormant, waiting to be awakened into our awareness. AMWA guides us on a path beyond the maze of our ignorance, confusion and separation. It provides the blueprint for constructing a life of heightened awareness, living the way we are meant to live. As Sacred Humans, in harmony and balance with each other and Grandmother Earth’s children. AMWA will help us expand our imaginations, find greater self-expression and develop the tools to pursue our dreams and create a life of beauty. To experience life in this way is to awaken to the truth and knowledge AMWA is founded upon. This ancient wisdom is within us.

AMWA is made up of 21 archetypal teachers, known as Totem Allies. Each Ally is unique, possessing distinct qualities, gifts and behaviours. We have these qualities within ourselves. Most of them are dormant and unknown to us. When we connect to an Ally, they become our personal advisors, teaching us how to awaken these gifts and use them in our quest to become Sacred Humans.

The Allies are configured in a specific circular pattern called a Birth Constellation. As with other forms of astrology, the configuration of our Birth Constellation is determined by our birth date.

The Allies in our constellation revolve around us like the planets around the sun. They are continually communicating, coaching and teaching us how to wake up and live in our unique natural brilliance.

They provide us with insight, guidance and direction in every part of our lives. When we follow their guidance, we align to our natural essence. We discover the truth of who we really are.

We unlock our inner wisdom and follow our life’s purpose as we look for the answers to questions like…

Who am I?

Why am I here?

Where am I going?

To experience an AMWA Reading for the first time, is to take a journey into yourself. It is an exploration of who you really are. The truth of this knowledge helps you to understand you are far more than you believe.AMWA Readings

It expels your negative beliefs, low self-esteem and unworthiness, replacing it with your unique natural brilliance.

During your recorded 90-minute reading, you will travel through your entire Birth Constellation. You will meet each Ally, learning about their unique gifts and wisdom.

Each time you journey with your Allies, you will discover how they empower you to find solutions, clear blockages and step into your true calling in life. They will show you how to improve essential components of your life like intimacy, creativity, relationships, vocation, free will, health and how to live more fully in Awareness.

Choosing to have a Reading every year around your birthday will help you to integrate the year just passed and set clear intentions for the upcoming year.

Our dynamic 3-day AMWA Workshop will guide you on a personal journey into the seat of your Soul’s consciousness to meet & work with the Animal Allies in your Birth Constellation.

We work within the flexible outline through this Workshop:

Day 1: Please ensure you have arrived and settled by 6:30 pm

  • Arrival from 4pm
  • Registration @ 6:30 pm
  • Gather, Smudge and Song @ 7 pm
  • Opening Circle
    A brief introduction to this paradigm, receiving clear guidance and instruction to navigate and understand AMWA
    An opportunity to get to know one another & set personal intentions for the journey into AMWA
  • Stepping Into the Silence
    A Shamanic Medicine Drum Journey to support deep awareness and clear intention

Day 2:

  • Gather at 9 am
  • Check In Circle: practicing the art of ’emptying the cup’
    Unplugging from everything helps to hone awareness and step into the day with a clear focussed intent and a willingness to learn
  • Teaching Circle
    A Teaching on the Wheel of Tonal (physical everyday reality) Spheres, overlaying the Animal Allies
  • Tool for Application
    A ceremony designed to assess and rectify the imbalances within the Tonal Reality using the Animal Allies as guides
  • Sweat Lodge
    An ancient ritual of cleansing and purification to support the healing process and facilitate access to unlimited potential

Day 3:

  • Gather at 9 am.
  • Check In Circle: practicing the art of ’emptying the cup’
    Unplugging from everything helps to hone awareness and step into the day with clear focussed intent and a willingness to learn
  • Teaching Circle
    A Teaching on the Wheel of Nagual (untapped potential) Spheres, overlaying the Animal Allies as guides
  • Tool for Application
    A ceremony designed to awaken the natural gifts, talents and skills that reside within the Nagual
  • Closing Circle
    Debrief the experience to initiate the integration process, bring the workshop to a close & say our farewells by 4 pm

Who is your AMWA Birth Ally?

Click on the dates corresponding to your birthday to find out.

AMWA Eagle

January 20 – February 18


February 19 – March 20


March 21 – April 20


April 21 – May 20


May 21 – June 20


June 21 – July 22


July 23 – August 23


August 24 – September 22


September 23 – October 22


October 23 – November 21


November 22 – December 21


December 22 – January 19