The blessing of life as the bee kisses the flower.

Free your authentic self

There is only Awareness.

Awareness helps us to access the inner teacher who guides us back to wholeness.

Most human beings want to achieve greater success, more happiness and deeper intimacy. To accomplish these things requires a presence, a motivation and a focus of attention, it is an act of Living in Awareness.

There is no magic pill or great secret knowledge, nor will any thunderbolt of lightning strike and bring you to instant understanding or enlightenment.

The key to Living in Awareness is to seize the opportunity to ‘retreat’ from what can feel like enemy forces – the overwhelming barrage of demanding to-do’s in life that keep you living in exhausting, frustrating and stressful patterns.

An Awareness Retreat offers you a valuable chance to step away from the outside world, re-connect to yourself and your inner presence, so you can relax and breathe again.

Being more self-aware helps you to gain the clarity and perspective needed to re-connect with your inner teacher.

You have the power to choose to change your reality.

Our dynamic 3-day midweek Awareness Retreat provides a space where you can reconnect to yourself, breathe & allow the authentic you to emerge.

We work within this flexible outline through the Retreat:

Day 1: Please ensure you have arrived and settled by 6:30 pm

  • Arrival from 4pm
  • Registration @ 6:30 pm
  • Gather, Smudge and Song @ 7 pm
  • Opening Circle
    An opportunity to get to know one another & set personal intentions for the journey into Awareness
  • Stepping Into the Silence
    Go on a Shamanic Drum Journey to find the Inner Teacher, who will be the guide to Awareness through the Retreat & beyond

Day 2:

  • Gather @ 9 am
  • Check In Circle: practicing the art of ’emptying the cup’
    Unplugging from everything helps to hone awareness and step into the day with a clear focussed intent and a willingness to learn
  • Mindful Movement: breath follows movement, movement follows breath
    Flow with these 2 aspects to focus awareness on deepening the relationship with the Inner Teacher
  • Tool for Application: Nature Walk Talk
    A simple yet powerful ceremony designed to expand awareness, listen to the worlds of Grandmother Earth and hear the Inner Teacher more clearly
  • Stepping into the Silence
    A Mindful Meditation Practice to remember the pathway back to awareness

Day 3:

  • Gather @ 9 am.
  • Check In Circle: practicing the art of ’emptying the cup’
    Unplugging from everything helps to hone awareness and step into the day with clear focussed intent and a willingness to learn
  • Mindful Movement
    Use sound and movement in physical form to open the spaces to achieving even deeper self-awareness
  • Tool for Application: Flowering Tree
    A brief teaching introducing the circular concept of the Medicine Wheel, spending time in nature, reflecting and communicating with the Tree People
  • Creative Play
    Create a Medicine Tool, an object of power, to stay connected to the Inner Teacher & maintain Awareness
  • Closing Circle
    Debrief the experience to initiate the integration process, bring the workshop to a close & say our farewells by 4 pm

Those who want to:

  • free themselves of dependencies and beliefs that restrict their growth
  • strengthen their intuition
  • bring more lightheartedness and fun into their lives
  • become more successful at achieving their goals
  • make changes that will create a healthier relationship with themselves and their life
  • develop a healthy relationship with change in order to positively shape their lives
  • anyone struggling to find meaning and purpose in their life
  • anyone looking to silence their inner world and find more peace