“The greatest pain is not being loved for who we are in our naturalness.” The word addiction is a Latin term describing a person who devotes or gives themselves over to someone or something; to become enslaved. It’s easy to apply this description to people facing extreme cases of addiction but it’s not as easy […]

The moniker Rainbow Warrior can conjure up images of an exalted being who selflessly battles against the dark forces of the universe in order to safeguard and protect the human race. They are placed on a lofty super human pedestal, exuding a radiant glow of holier than thou supremacy. Like with all super heroes, there […]

Question – Shamanism is a word that many do not understand, what exactly does it mean? (You can talk of its origins in this part as well). Lou – Let’s begin by setting a mutual understanding that there are as many countless definitions to words and terms as there are individual beliefs about any given […]