African Woman Scuplture

Reconnect with your Ancient African Roots and Awaken your True Potential

  • This is the Sacred Journey of a lifetime
  • Return to your human roots, to the Cradle Embark on a Sacred Journeyof Humankind
  • Walk in the ancient footsteps of the first humans and awaken the long-forgotten African wisdom encoded in your cells
  • Reconnect to your lineage to heal and release the old baggage from the past
  • Experience magickal transformation as you travel through Africa’s soul stirring landscapes
  • Welcome your African Animal Allies into your life as they guide your Sacred Journey through life
  • A Medicine Journey is for people like you, on a quest for something more, seeking answers to the deeper questions. Who am I? What is my purpose? What is life about?
  • A Medicine Journey brings greater awareness to your personal relationship with nature and yourself.
  • A Medicine Journey is about finding your medicine; your essence; your divine nature; what makes you unique.
  • A Medicine Journey unplugs you from normal everyday life, taking you on an enlightening, exciting adventure of a lifetime.
  • A Medicine Journey is a captivating life-changing expedition of self-awakening, healing and inspiration.
  • A Medicine Journey merges your inner world with the outer world, bringing them into balance, harmony and oneness.
  • A Medicine Journey helps you find clarity about your destiny and what you are meant to be doing with your life
  • A Medicine Journey unites you with other like-minded seekers, coming together to expand consciousness and affect positive change for humanity and the planet.
  • Guided Shamanic Drumming Journeys
  • Connect with Khoisan ancestors in a prehistoric cave decorated by ancient rock art.
  • Experience powerful ceremonial rites designed to clear ancestral karma from your lineage and unlock your personal power.
  • Awaken the wisdom and power of your African Animal Allies into your life.
  • Take a riverboat cruise amongst herds of hippos and crocs.Hippos in the water
  • Overnight stay in Hluhluwe Game reserve including daytime game drive amongst Africa’s infamous Big Five.
  • Spend a day in a Zulu village sharing in the cultural food and wisdom
  • Visit to the historical indigenous Victoria Market
  • Spend time basking in the sunshine of Durban’s world renowned beachfront
  • Sunset beach bonfire
  • Beach Bonfire
  • I am a seeker, looking for a deep and meaningful journey
  • I am looking for a spiritually uplifting experience
  • I want to explore my connection to Africa
  • I want to awaken to my long forgotten African roots
  • I know I have a calling but don’t know what it is
  • I want to heal and revive my mind, body and spirit
  • I feel an inexplicable desire to learn from Africa’s wisdom
  • I feel the need to experience my bare feet walking on African soil and my heart beating to her rhythm

Day 1

  • Arrive in Durban
  • Lunch at Lighthouse Restaurant
  • Brief visit to beach
  • Arrive at Sacred Journeys
  • Distribute SJ Package – Travel bag, Water bottle, T-Shirt
  • Dinner – Catered
  • Introduction
  • Pipe ceremony

Upon your arrival to Durban airport, we will begin the journey with a delicious meal by the beach, where you will have a brief opportunity to dip your toes in the Indian Ocean. We will then travel to Sacred Journeys Retreat Center where you can settle into your rooms and take some time to relax from your long journey. After dinner, we will gather together with a traditional pipe ceremony to initiate the Sacred Medicine Journey.

  • Breakfast – Catered
  • Travel to Giant’s Castle (alternate option Eland’s Cave) – 9 am?
  • Drum journey with ancestors of original lineage
  • Return to SJ
  • Dinner – Catered
  • Check-in

After breakfast, we will travel to Giant’s Castle, nestled in the breathtaking Drakensberg mountains. We will hike up to the ceremonial Khoisan cave decorated in ancient rock art. There, you will experience a shamanic drum journey connecting you to your original ancestral lineage. In the afternoon, we will travel back to the Retreat Center for some quiet integration time, dinner and a sharing circle debriefing our day.

Day 3

  • Breakfast – Catered
  • AMWA Drumming Journey
  • Lunch – Catered
  • Journey Continued.
  • Dinner – Catered
  • Overnight Ceremony – Healing of Ancestral Karma Ceremony

Following breakfast, we will take you on an extended Shamanic Drum Journey, with the intent of awakening the spirit of your African Animal Allies into your awareness. Dinner will be served a little earlier to accommodate preparations for your overnight Healing of Ancestral Karma Ceremony.

Day 4

  • Sweat Lodge at dawn
  • Lunch – Catered
  • Travel to St. Lucia
  • Dinner – Self Catered
  • Debrief overnight ceremony

Upon completion of your overnight ceremony, we will have a sunrise Sweat Lodge Ceremony. You will have plenty of time to eat, rest and sleep until early afternoon. At 2pm we will depart for St. Lucia, where you can settle into your rooms, and grab some dinner from one of the local restaurants before we gather at 7pm to debrief the overnight ceremony.

Day 5 

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner – Self Catered
  • Free time to shop and explore town, boardwalk and beach
  • Teachings – SMC?
  • River cruise

You will be free for most of the day, taking care of your meal requirements and spending time explore the town. St. Lucia has many interesting avenues to explore. You can wander through many interesting shops or barter with the locals at the indigenous market. You may also want to take a stroll along the boardwalk winding a serpentine path through the mangroves. The boardwalk takes you to the edge of a magnificent beach where you can spread your toes in the sand. We gather once again in the late afternoon, as we prepare for a sunset cruise in the estuary. We will drift among herds of hippos floating their massive bodies as they feed on the reeds. There’s also a good chance we will see crocodiles basking on the riverbank or floating in the current.

Day 6

  • Breakfast – Self Catered
  • Travel to village for African experience
  • Travel to Hluhluwe Game Reserve
  • Dinner – Self Catered
  • Dream Journey with AMWA allies to ask them to manifest in physical and spiritual form

We ask that everyone has taken care of their breakfast needs by 8am so we can travel to our Zulu Village Experience. Here we will spend most of the day connecting and talking with the locals. We will share in their cuisine, listen to their stories and immerse ourselves in the Zulu culture. At 3pm we will travel to the Hluhluwe Game Reserve where we will spend the night in the African wilderness connecting with your African Animal Allies.

Day 7

  • Game Drive – includes breakfast and lunch
  • Dinner – Self Catered
  • Check-In

At 8am we will go on a game drive travelling through the breathtaking African landscape observing her flora and fauna. Breakfast and lunch will be provided by our guides. Once we return to our camp, you will have time to take care of your dinner needs before we gather together to debrief our most recent experiences.

Day 8

  • Breakfast – Self-Catered
  • Travel to SJ
  • Lunch – Catered
  • Free time
  • Dinner – Catered
  • Debrief – What are the 3 most significant things you learned from this Medicine Journey

After you have finished breakfast and packed we will travel back to Sacred Journeys where you will have some free time to wander the land, spend time in the gardens or just lay back and relax. Following dinner, we will come together to share what we have learned and integrated from our journey together.

Day 9

  • Breakfast – Catered
  • Travel to Durban
  • Victoria Market
  • Durban Main Beach
  • Lunch – Self-Catered
  • Beach Party 3 pm – drumming, bonfire, self-catered food and drinks
  • Return to SJ

We intend to have finished breakfast by 8am so we can travel into the city of Durban. There we will spend a few hours wandering through the historical Victoria Market brimming with indigenous food, arts, crafts, spices, clothing, etc. At noon, we will go to Durban’s main beach where once again you will have time to sample indigenous food, visit even more vendors stalls, stroll along the beautiful promenade, wiggle your toes in the sand or take a dip in the Indian Ocean. At 4pm we will travel just north of the city to a secluded beach where we will have a sunset Beach Party/Bonfire/Celebration.

Day 10

  • Breakfast – Catered
  • Feedback forms
  • Travel to Durban Airport

Once we have finished breakfast and packed, you will be given feedback forms asking for your valued thoughts, insights and comments about your African Medicine Journey. We hop on board our magickal tour bus one last time en-route to the airport and bidding our farewells until our paths cross again.