Heating the rocks for the sweat lodge.

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What do Purification Ceremonies focus on?

Across the world, Earth People have been using Purification Ceremonies (Sweat Lodges) for thousands of years to maintain their health and well being on all levels.

When a person sits in a Sweat Lodge Ceremony, they are provided with an opportunity to let go of what’s not working in their life and to become more receptive to discovering what will work.

The Ceremonial ritual combined with pouring water on heated rocks, increases a person’s vibration, which shakes loose and frees up slow moving energy.

Opening up to Spirit in this way creates the space for change by re-balancing the energy that the person is releasing and letting go of.

The Sweat Lodge purifies and balances the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and energetic levels of a person.


How do we achieve this?

The Sweat Lodge is an alchemical tool that sits within Sacred Law & is in alignment with all of Creation, this enables us to heal ourselves so we too can step into alignment & become Sacred Humans.

It holds within it all the Elements: water, earth, air, fire & void; all the Worlds of Grandmother Earth: the plants, minerals, animals, humans & ancestor worlds & provides the perfect balance of the Everything.

The Lodge structure is created from saplings gathered with care & respect which are fashioned into a dome shaped hut, covered by either blankets or skins & has a flap as a door.

The Lodge symbolizes the Earth’s womb, introspection & the feminine.

The door to the Lodge always faces the fire which represents the spark of life, our connection to spirit & the masculine.

The Dance Chief guides the Ceremony, while the Fire Keeper provides the heated rocks & caretakes over the people in the lodge.

The people enter the Lodge in humility, asking for healing not only for themselves but for their Lineage, the 7 generations that have come before & the 7 generations that are yet to come.

While inside the Lodge, participants create a space within themselves where they are able to ask for what they really need for their healing. They share prayers of healing for others & let go of all the things that stand in their way so they can dream their lives anew.

Exiting the Lodge symbolizes a person’s rebirth into the world.

What form does a Purification Ceremony take?

Our Sweat Lodge Ceremonies follow the same ancient time honoured traditions of the Twisted Hairs Lineage.Spirit original

We gather together for the preparation of the space which includes Smudging, Blessing & calling the Powers of Creation into the Stone Children, building the Sacred Fire, covering the Sweat Lodge & calling on the Powers of the Medicine Wheel to create an alchemical container within which we can do our work safely.

Although it has a structure, the Ceremony, the theme & the participants are always different, therefore each Sweat Lodge Ceremony is a unique experience unto itself.

Participating in this Ceremony on a regular basis helps to purify, rejuvenate & maintain health & wellbeing. We are honoured to continue in this ancient tradition by offering regular Community Sweat Lodges where women & men sit in Circle together on the weekend closest to the Full Moon.

Laurel runs Women’s Sweat Lodges for women 4 times a year over the Solstices & Equinoxes.

Lou runs periodic Sweat Lodges for Men who wish to explore what it means to be a balanced male.

Who would benefit from a Purification Ceremony?

> Those who want to benefit from well-being & peace of mind20160319_152300
> Anyone looking to maintain and sustain their physical health on all levels
> Those who have been through a traumatic event & would like to release any residual stress
> Those who would like to actively clear away the pain of their past & open new opportunities in their life
> Those looking for an alternative way of restoring balance within their immune system
> Anybody wanting to release & break free from stubborn unproductive patterns in order to rebirth themselves