We cannot know our true selves or our true capabilities until we have the courage to strip away the masks

Where our teachings come from?

Sacred Journeys is founded from an Ancient lineage of Shamanism, a body of knowledge and teachings from the Twisted Hair Elders, a select group of indigenous teachers and healers from North, South and Central America.

This knowledge demonstrates an intimate and profound understanding of Science, Nature, Psychology and Physiology – all the ingredients that equip us with the most efficient way to wake up, claim the best of ourselves & carry that excellence forward as we learn to ‘Live in Awareness’ & align ourselves with the natural rhythms of Nature & Life.

These Twisted Hair Medicine Women and Men dedicated their lives to the pursuit of knowledge from all sources and all walks of life.

They believed that hair represented knowledge, so rather than only working within a single tradition they devoted themselves to travelling Turtle Island, braiding and weaving their knowledge and understanding of the world so that all humans may find balance, harmony and healing.

They walked a path of beauty and integrity and were respected for their wisdom and power.

This sacred knowledge of the universal laws, the human psyche, ancient healing techniques, alignment and communication with the elements of nature, ceremonial alchemy, controlled dreaming and spiritual awakening has been handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years and endured the test of time.

We are honoured to be a part of this lineage and it is our privilege to uphold this tradition by sharing the knowledge, wisdom and ceremonies with you.

What can you expect…

Our dynamic & life changing Retreats, Workshops & Programs are designed to strip away the masks that no longer belong & support you in your quest for healing, self-growth & personal excellence so you can allow the authentic you to emerge.

We know from experience that the work we do changes people’s lives in a deep & meaningful way.

Our blended teaching style follows an integrated approach that provides different learning experiences & supports the organic nature of humans. In this way, we provide a diverse & holistic transformational experience. Some of the many techniques we use are;

> Lecture style teaching
> Interactive group discussion
> Medicine Wheels
> Cognitive mind mapping
> Group activities & experiences
> Personal Warrior Tasks
> Body-Mind integration exercises
> Personal Reflection
> Story telling & sharing sessions
> Techniques of Discipline
> Ceremony
> & many more Tools for Application…

The Retreat Centre…

Sacred Journeys is a Sanctuary that gives you the opportunity for deep transformational healing, growth and expansion.

You are welcome to make use of the Centre, Medicine Wheel Gardens, 6 acres of natural vegetation & wildlife & the abundant veggie garden offering freshly picked goodies to feed & nourish you during your stay with us.

We encourage you to come with an open mind & the willingness to explore new possibilities for yourself.

The Training Centre is a communal space. Everyone who shares the space is expected to act with kindness & respect for themselves, each other & the space.

We honour the Shamanic Philosophy, to leave the space more beautiful than when you found it & to be mindful & considerate of your impact on Grandmother Earth, especially when using precious resources.

The Centre can accommodate a maximum of 9 people with its comfy shared bedrooms. All the rooms are equipped with linen and blankets, however we suggest you bring your own towels. The Centre is self-catering so make sure you bring along provisions. The closest shops are about half an hour away so we suggest you do your shopping before arrival. The kitchen is fully equipped and includes fridge & freezer, gas cooker, basic herbs & spices, herbal teas & mocha pots (for ground coffee) however feel free to bring along any personal preferences.

There are no televisions, radios, magazines or swimming pools & electronic devices & cell-phones are strongly discouraged. This means outside distractions are limited, allowing you the time to immerse yourself in your journey & bask in the healing energy of the property.

How do I book…

Step 1: Contact us for a chat so you can decide what’s right for you…

Ask us to send you a ‘How to Book’ link so you can see exchange details for Gatherings and then call us to discuss your personal needs, ask any questions you may have & check availability.

Due to the nature of our work, we keep our groups small. Space is limited so DON’T delay your booking otherwise you may have to be placed on a waiting list.

Step 2: Make your Payment.

Your booking is confirmed on receipt of payment.

Provisional bookings are held for 3 days but are secured only upon receipt of a 50% deposit.

Payment must be made in full prior to starting any Gathering.

Step 3: Prepare to enjoy your Sacred Journey with us.

Once your booking is secured, we will send you a ‘Prepare-Mail’ so you can relax & enjoy your experience with us.