Laurel Weaving Willow and Lou Worldweaver.

Reflecting back… This March month has been a wonderful whirlwind of activity. It seems so long & yet just a few short weeks ago when we kicked off with a Rainbow Warrior Ceremonial Gateway Weekend which included this Group’s first overnight Ceremony. Julius, our grounds keeper & sacred rock carrier whom many of you know […]

Hello again beautiful Sacred Journeys Community… It feels like so long ago since we saw some of you at our last Community Sweat Lodge on New Years Day and although we have had a few Rainbow Warrior Sweats and several Gatherings in between, we are looking forward to being back in Grandmother Earth’s womb next […]

‘Dreaming In’ our Gatherings and meeting People who are of like mind is always a beautiful personal and collective Sacred Journey for us. If you are attracted to something we offer but are yet to journey with us, send us a message and ask for our Upcoming Gatherings to see what we are doing over […]

The moniker Rainbow Warrior can conjure up images of an exalted being who selflessly battles against the dark forces of the universe in order to safeguard and protect the human race. They are placed on a lofty super human pedestal, exuding a radiant glow of holier than thou supremacy. Like with all super heroes, there […]

Question – Shamanism is a word that many do not understand, what exactly does it mean? (You can talk of its origins in this part as well). Lou – Let’s begin by setting a mutual understanding that there are as many countless definitions to words and terms as there are individual beliefs about any given […]