At one with nature.

The greatest pain is not being loved for who you are in your naturalness

What does Living Clean focus on?

The Art of Living Clean Program is a proven process, having successfully helped countless people to not only break free of unproductive patterns, behaviours & addictions but also to deal with healing and removing the emotional pain from their lives.

The aim of The Art of Living Clean is to get underneath the dysfunctional patterns of behaviour that create the general dissatisfaction with life and the continual longing for “something better” that millions of people face every day.

To be in a state of “Living Clean” conjures up the image of purity, innocence and sobriety, to be clean and clear of anything that keeps you mired in muck.

You were born clean, free of any beliefs, patterns or behaviours. As life developed, you layered yourself with habits and behaviours that ensured you were loved and accepted and that you fit in. But, there comes a moment when you realise that settling for this kind of life undermines the sacredness of your Self. You do not need to continue living in this unproductive and negative way, it is not natural, nor does it do you justice.

As Nelson Mandela said: “There is no passion to be found playing small – in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.” This heavy burden you carry through life imprisons you.

You deserve to be healed & free, which is most likely why you are reading this page…

How do we achieve this?

It is important to understand that no one has the power to heal you except for yourself. The benefits you will gain from the Living Clean Program relies entirely on your level of commitment to heal. This program is designed to take you through a proven process combining teachings, experiences and ceremonies that will give you the best opportunity to end your dysfunctional behaviours once and for all.

We guide you through what we call “Peeling the Onion”, a process of removing each dissatisfied, dysfunctional layer until you arrive at the heart of the matter, the original source of sensitisation so you can begin healing from the inside out.

Through the process you will discover what happened long before the symptoms appeared and get to the underlying cause. You will encounter all the ways you play into unproductive patterns and behaviours, & understand more about the unique way in which you become a victim to life and yourself, especially through the inner negative self-talk. Learn how to discern for yourself the parts that are foreign and are no longer necessary.

Digging ever deeper, we guide you into the underlying Core Beliefs that have led you into a downward spiral and created all the dissatisfaction and pain in the first place. The attention is turned inward, identifying the unbalanced and improper ways you use energy that leads you into & keeps you stuck in the hopeless rut. Only then can you explore how to address & correct these behaviours so you can engage in the proper use of your precious energy.

Learn about what your needs really are by exploring the countless ways and possibilities of feeding, supporting and satisfying the things you really hunger for. When you focus your attention on your real needs, you have the power to break free from the unpleasant grip of old patterns and behaviours.

What form does Living Clean take?

The Art of Living Clean is a 10-day residential Program that is run periodically through the year. It is designed to get underneath the dysfunctional patterns of behaviour and discover what happened long before they appeared in order to get to the underlying cause.

The Living Clean Program is not easy. It will challenge you to face your core issues & for this reason, it is only made available to those who are truly ready and willing to commit to heal, end their dysfunctional patterns, behaviours & addictions and free their spirit so they can once again live in their naturalness.

> Learn how to identify and release the burdens of emotional pain
> Learn how to stop feeling and living like a Victim and take charge of your life
> Learn how to be more decisive with your life by accessing your Will Power
> Learn about the addictive pattern of behaviour and how much energy it costs you when you are stuck in this vicious cycle
> Effectively move through a process we call “Peeling the Onion” to get to the heart of the matter allowing you to heal from the inside out
> Learn about the 5 Basic Core Beliefs that have led you into a downward spiral of shame and emotional pain
> Learn about the Spike of Energy and how to quickly stop yourself from falling back into pain and despair
> Learn about the Proper Use of Energy which reveals the step by step process of how to live a more successful, effective and abundant life
> Learn about what your needs really are and explore how to feed, support & satisfy the things you really hunger for
> Learn how to shift from being stuck in Co-Dependent relationships and create enriching Co-Empowered relationships instead
> Engage in ceremonial experiences designed to help you identify & release the burden of pain that you have been carrying throughout your life
> Discover who you really are in your naturalness

Who would benefit from Living Clean?

> Anyone who is struggling to find happiness, meaning & purpose in their life
> Those who know or suspect they are trapped in unhealthy, unproductive or even addictive patterns & desire to heal & free themselves
> People who have loved ones suffering from addictive patterns & wish to provide help, support & understanding
> Anyone who has had little to no success from the popular mainstream programs
> Those who want to be in a program that provides positive, life changing results
> Anyone who is tired of leading a dual life where they go to great lengths to hide the part of themselves from the world
> Those who are riddled with shame, guilt & judgment about who they are
> Anyone who is ready to live a life free from the guilt & weight they’ve been carrying about their addiction
> Anyone who is ready to live a full life without the need to hide any part of it
> Those who are ready to end years of unhappiness, emotional pain & shame & find true happiness
> Anyone who wants to be in their true authentic self & unlock the real purpose for their life
> Anyone who desires to tap into their self-worth & the power to create abundance, success, prosperity, joy, love & happiness in their life
> Therapists and counselors will find great value in this program, as it offers alternative perspectives & approaches that are highly successful & effective in working with clients suffering from addictions