The blessing of life as the bee kisses the flower.

Free your authentic self

What does Living in Awareness focus on?

There is only Awareness.

Awareness helps us to access the inner teacher who guides us back to wholeness.

Most human beings want to achieve greater success, more happiness and deeper intimacy. To accomplish these things requires a presence, a motivation & a focus of attention, it is an act of Living in Awareness.

There is no magic pill or great secret knowledge, nor will any thunderbolt of lightning strike & bring you to instant understanding or enlightenment.

The key to Living in Awareness is to learn how to ‘see’ yourself & your life more clearly.

In order to make any changes in your life or even know what it is you are looking for, you need to become Aware. Becoming Aware means you are willing to direct your focus on discovering what the most critical & essential components of your life really are.

Through Awareness, you begin the process of stripping away & removing the parts of you that don’t belong. With each part removed, a true part of you emerges.

You have the power to choose to change your reality.

How do we achieve this?

Our dynamic MID WEEK Awareness Retreats provide a space where you can reconnect to yourself & allow the authentic you to emerge.

We introduce you to some of the following teachings & experiences that best support your journey’s intent:
> An introduction to Shamanism4 Directions
> Meeting the Medicine Wheel
> Engaging with Circular Energy Movement
> A variety of Shamanic Journeys, Teachings & Ceremonies including:
* Delving into your True Self through Nature
* Exploring your relationship with the Worlds of Grandmother Earth
* Stepping into the Silence
* Warriors Techniques of Discipline
* Body-Mind Integration Exercises
* Re-connecting your inner Elemental Alignment
* Insights & Wisdom from the Flowering Tree
* Awakening to you Natural Life Cycle
* Aligning to Universal Law
> And so much more…

What form does an Awareness Retreat take?

Typically, we facilitate Awareness Retreats of between 3 – 5 days (between Monday and Friday), depending on how much time you want to invest in yourself & your journey.Awareness 2

This kind of retreat supports you in your needs, so whether you are looking for a way to reconnect with yourself, your purpose & the direction you want to move forward in; or if you have gone through a difficult life experience where you have had to deal with stress, depression, the loss of a loved one, divorce, conflict, anxiety, a break up, unresolved anger, etc. then this is the option for you.

With this in mind, we structure Awareness Retreats to align to the needs & intentions of the participant, providing the guidance & support to achieve their intended goals & to help them deal with current experiences more effectively. Our blended teaching style follows an integrated approach and provides a deeply transformative experience for everyone present, including ourselves.

Who would benefit from an Awareness Retreat?

Those who want to
> free themselves of dependencies and beliefs that restrict their growthHarness original
> strengthen their intuition
> bring more lightheartedness and fun into their lives
> become more successful at achieving their goals
> make changes that will create a healthier relationship with themselves and their life
> develop a healthy relationship with change in order to positively shape their lives
> anyone struggling to find meaning and purpose in their life
> anyone looking to silence their inner world and find more peace