Dharmic Relationship

Deepen & enhance your relationship with your Beloved

What does The Art of Relationships focus on?

By their very nature, relationships can be one of the most exciting, rewarding and also challenging experiences you will ever have in your life. No relationship is perfect nor is there a happily ever after. Relationship challenges are a normal part of life and can be very distressing at times if you don’t have the skills or tools to resolve and survive them.

In order for a relationship to stay healthy the needs of the other person (your partner, parents, children, friends, co-workers) yourself and the relationship must be attended to and cared for. This involves open communication; sharing life’s stresses; riding the up’s and down’s of positive and negative feelings and supporting the fulfillment of one another’s needs and dreams as they shift and change. Successful relationships involve ongoing effort, the investment of personal time, the willingness to change, shift and grow together and a mutual respect for each other. These qualities help to build healthy patterns in all your relationships which keeps the foundations strong, stable, vibrant and capable of withstanding the stormy hard times.

Successfully negotiating your way through the debris of unresolved issues and broken communications can be difficult to do on your own, especially if you don’t have the tools or methods to get to the core issues that are undermining the relationship. It is important to find the right kind of guidance, help and support where you and your partner can safely work through any issues and learn valuable tools and techniques to get you back on track in your relationship.

Let go of Expectations – Some who come to us are looking to save their marriage or for a way to fix the problems that could otherwise lead to an eventual break-up. We know that what we do works, but that doesn’t guarantee you will get the results you want, nor are we advocating in any way that we can save your relationship.

How do we achieve this?

We begin the process by using proven tools and techniques that will get you talking openly and honestly in order to establish clear agreements, communicate open-heartedly, listen with an open mind, support with care and challenge with compassion.

You will learn about one of the most important keys to creating a successful relationship as you discover how to recognize and break free from the trap of Co-dependency and choose to step into Co-empowerment instead.

We explore the complexity, dynamics and inherent differences of what it is to be a woman and what it is to be a man in relationship to emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual needs and what gets in the way of celebrating how unique you each are.

You will also learn about Love Expression which brings understanding to how each unique person prefers to give & receive affection.

We look at the various ways in which humans choose to negatively erode and chip away at a sound relationship until it crumbles and collapses into a pile of rubble and learn about making positive relationship strengthening choices instead.

Every situation is as different as the individuals in it and so is your relationship. Sometimes the hurt and pain that sits between people is too great for them to overcome and they decide to end the relationship. If this is the case for you, this Retreat will help you sift through all the confusion, doubt and guilt that comes up from facing such a decision. You will be able to see your relationship more clearly for its pro’s and con’s in order to make a clear, sober minded decision with a more amicable and amenable outcome for all parties.

What form does the Relationships Retreat take?

This 2 day Retreat is all about co-creating conscious relationships in your life. You will experience meaningful change as you heal and let go of the past,DSC02117 establish co-operative goals, develop a platform for clear, open communication and support your personal growth as you take responsibility for the part your play in your relationships. You will take home new tools to keep you moving forward in a positive direction.

Dedicating the time to focus on how you relate to yourself, life and others will bring deep, long lasting change and growth to the way you experience relationships. Together we explore the holistic picture of how healthy, functional, dynamic and supportive relationship works. We look at each individual and the relationship in its totality, which encompasses the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual aspects.

Unlike the one-size-fits-all generic style workshops, we delve into the personal issues and challenges you are currently facing in Relationship. In The Art of Relationships, we provide a supportive environment with results oriented, highly effective coaching, guidance and support to better help you deal with any challenges or issues that have arisen in your relationship.

Who would benefit from the Relationships Retreat?

This Retreat is aimed at Singles & CoupleDSC00482
> looking for support, direction or guidance to a healthier & more fulfilling state of living
> who wish to enhance & deepen their perspective & approach to their relationships
> who want to deepen & their relationships & transform their lives
> who need help to solve a specific problem & move forward with more confidence & less anxiety
> who are looking for effective conflict resolution tools
> who feel their relationships have become stale or boring & feel like they are living separate lives
> who are facing issues like money, sex, infidelity, in-laws or children & who can’t seem to come together in mutual understanding