The path to enlightenment is walked alone.

A Path to Discovering the Real You

Develop Fulfilling Relationships

Increase Your Personal Power & Awareness

The sacred sweat lodge fire.

Expand Your Mind, Body & Spirit

Leaf vision

Leaf approach

Leaf mission

Our Vision


There comes a point in our lives where the teacher becomes the student in order to continue being the teacher.

Being the teacher provides the opportunity to take knowledge & wisdom into unexplored areas that only the student can open the door to.

Therefore, without the student, the teacher cannot continue to grow.

That’s why we do what we do!

Our Approach



Our work is founded in ancient Shamanic Teachings & Ceremonies.

Our approach is to see others for who they really are, their Medicine & reflect it back to them so they may discover it for themselves.

The term Medicine is borrowed from the Native American concept referring to the essence of, the shining, wholeness and potential …

We are committed to stay within honesty, vulnerability & integrity as we help others to fearlessly face the changes they need to make in order to accept their own beauty & authenticity.

Our Mission



We are catalysts for change.

For many people, the reality they are experiencing is dissatisfying & dissonant from the life they desire to be living.

To come into resonance, change has to happen.

We provide a space, the tools & the opportunity to negotiate these changes in the most effective & healing way possible.

Our Upcoming Gatherings

Red Owl Sisterhood Circle

We gather every Tuesday
‘In Person’ or ‘In the Zoom Room’ between 13:30 – 15:00

R150 per week or R500 per month

Are you ready to be inspired by the powerful woman within? 

Is your spirit yearning to find your wild woman and let her emerge?

Yes? Then contact Weaving Willow.

Registration is now open for Year 1 Rainbow Warrior Training

April 2019 – February 2020

R 15 000 per student per year

Are you ready to awaken to the undiscovered wealth of knowledge, magick and wisdom within you?

Do you want to claim your natural talents, skills and abilities to create a life filled with beauty and personal power?

Does the spirit of the Rainbow Warrior touch your heart and call to you?

Then call us and let’s chat.

Due to the depth & nature of this Program, Sacred Journeys only takes a maximum of 9 new students each year.

The Program includes 15 Training Days annually (5 Weekends + 5-day Ceremonial Gateway)

More about Rainbow Warrior


The Art of the Rainbow Warrior

We prefer to keep our Gatherings small which means space in the Circle is limited.

If something touches your heart & attracts your attention, then CONTACT US to chat or book your spot.

Our focus remains on Dreaming, Preparing & Facilitating our Gatherings – not marketing them.

If you want to know something or haven’t heard from us in a while – get hold of us – we value interactions with you.

In Beauty, Weaving Willow & Worldweaver


To have a safe place to feel human & to grow & learn in an environment which is full of integrity is just what Laurel & Lou provide, & then over deliver! Love this sh*t – keep talking your walk…
Sacred Journeys Shamanic Retreat Center


Freelance Director / Cinematographer
This experience has taught me about forgiveness & self-love. Sacred Journeys has helped me open a portal into realising who I really am.
Sky and clouds


Like the magnificent Owl represents, during this profound & amazing 10-day journey I have died & been reborn again. Reborn as a more present SELF! Working with all my spheres to eventually take me back to the ‘Sacred Human’, living in the right now with full AWARENESS
Horses grazing in the morning mist.



The Living Clean Program has been a bumpy ride…

At times I felt annoyed & frustrated, a little caterpillar squirming his way up from a mountain of shit & at other times I felt like a burning phoenix, soaring above it. At the end, what I have really taken from my 10-day experience at Sacred Journeys is that just as I have the power to create dysfunction in my life, I am the only one capable of eradicating it. Thank you for showing me what I was no longer capable of seeing for myself

Sacred Journeys Logo


With enormous gratitude I thank you for sharing your wisdom & teachings Lou & Laurel, your passion for these journeys have life changing shifts & your open hearts that allowed me the safe space to start to feel again.
Water lily.


Creative Director
I have gained more confidence in myself, tools for dealing with anger & reminders to assist with continuing my journey. Lou & Laurel have created such a safe space to facilitate my healing – non judgement, clear direction & selfless service, are all received with such gratitude – thank you.
A path to discovering your authentic self.


IT Specialist
Being within the safety & sanctuary of Sacred Journeys with Laurel & Lou creates the safest & most loving environment to reveal parts of myself I’ve been so afraid to reveal & heal. I trust them with my life… they have held my life in their hands & helped me to heal & grow. Keep doing what you do. Keep sharing. Keep loving.
Bird of paradise.


Film Maker/Producer
I have only had two experiences so far at Sacred Journeys, & they have altered my life in an amazing way.
Sun's rays shining through the clouds.


Tattoo Artist
Each time I come to Sacred Journeys, I am re-energised, my eyes & ears are opened & my mind is filled with more knowledge that both quenches my thirst but also ignites my desire for more. Thank you for giving me insights & practical tools to use in my life.
The Inukshuk helps us find our direction.


Another brilliant weekend filled with exactly what I needed to make shifts in my life. A weekend of realness, love, support & understanding. I am very happy to have Sacred Journeys as part of my life.
Shield of power.


Life Liver/Beekeeper
Lou & Laurel are teachers who walk their talk. I always experience deepening, opening, expanding awareness.
Feminine and Masucline balance.


The depth and grounded strength in the space, facilitators and teachings is a rare and delightful gift.
Every flower is unique unto itself.

Silver Light Weaver

Thank you for everything you did for me. When I came to you I was a complete mess and did not know what to do to get my life back on track. Thanks to your help and understanding through my Healing, I now have a life and my health has improved so much. I’m not afraid of taking on the responsibility for my doings as I have more faith in myself than ever before. I can honestly refer other people to go for this treatment as they will benefit like I did
Natural beauty.


Lou & Laurel provided a supportive, clear space for my process to be what it needed to be, without judgement or impingement.
The little people teach us to be light-hearted.

Earth Wisdom Walker

Business Owner
Hi Lou and Laurel! I have now had three consecutive PSA serum levels done at three month intervals, all at barely detectable levels and no sign of an upward drift. The spiritual healing, I accomplished with your guidance is holding true and I am much better able to relate successfully to the challenges that invariably come my way. I appreciate deeply what I came to SEE through your help. My view of the world and life are so different than before we met that at first it threw me off a bit but now I am seeing more clearly that some of my past views were not concordant with the changes I had made. Again, THANK YOU!
Beautiful Drummond Valley.

John Blake

A home away from home where I am accepted just the way I am without judgement, giving me the opportunity to grow, expand and find myself collectively and individually within a safe environment connecting with myself, others and nature.
San Pedro cactus flower.


The love, understanding, non-judgement, gentleness and willingness to serve and assist me in such a personal, thoughtful and meaningful way was very special. The patience and compassion of the whole experience was amazing. I know now my healing has resumed and there is help nearby if I need it.
Beauty within chaos.

Infinite Earth Womb

Lou & Laurel you are both highlights for me, I love your insights and wisdom – Thank you for your integrity. I come to your retreat with my usual wit and humour, rigid in my fears and beliefs… and again your gentle coaxing brings me momentous insight that quite literally changes my life.
Aloes bid farewell to the setting sun.


Freelance Director
Respect the process and allow for the truth to be revealed as it should. I love it the way it is.
No two flowers can ever be identical.

Silver Spirit Stag

There is something so Sacred about witnessing when the facilitators share their vulnerabilities, they go on every experience with you, they honour the Great Spirit and recognize that there is always work to be done. It is intriguing to listen to Laurel and Lou speak, their teachings are intertwined, they bring their experiences together through the medicine wheels, their teachers are Father Sky, Grandmother Earth, the animals… Laurel and Lou are guides and voices for the Great Spirit. Their purpose is to help you step into your power, they are caretakers of the earth and are here to help us remember who we are.
Farie Frog says spread your wings and fly.


Life Coach
What on earth is a sweat lodge? Well, this experience has created a divine shift in me. Laurel talked us through the entire cleansing process and guided us to allow a beautiful space of release and openness to the Divine. What an experience! The sense of peace is amazing and indeed an experience for all! Every single person had let something go and every single person had evolved into a deeper level of themselves! I had never seen such transformation before. For me, this is now a monthly appointment in my diary! Thank you Laurel Weaving Willow!
Aloes in bloom

Tarryn Lalitha Coetzee

Marketing Manager at Body & Mind

Going down into the deepest darkest depths of myself in the safest most supportive environment imaginable. You cannot help but encounter healing you may never even know you needed.

The little people teach us to lighten up and have fun.

Ryan Golden Lion Speaks Softly

Veterinary Animal Handler
Sacred Journeys truly embodies its name. I couldn’t have made a better choice, than to journey with my sacred self in this sanctuary. I felt safe, supported and an opening of many doors. The entire journey was magick, there is nowhere I would rather be than here now. For all my relations.

Magnificent sky over Drummond Valley.

Abigail Womb Heart Sings

School Teacher
Receiving my medicine name and the role it will play in my growth. Being able to be one with the universe. Hear it breathe and hear its heart beat allowing me to be one within every living creature, plant and a connected deep sense of belonging.
Embracing the noble silence.

Erica Fire Light Eagle

This is a brave journey of self-awareness held in absolute LOVE and pure non-judgmental compassion. Keep doing what you do.
Heal your heart by letting your emotions flow.

Nikki Swift Cheetah

Community Development
To see and experience creation in its purest form, is a doorway that can never be closed again. Seeing the different layers and dimensions within nature, the universe and myself.

Entering the sacred circle of self.

Lynette Wolf of the Red Cedars

Enlightening, yet entertaining. Serious but funny. Delving into depths, yet stepping into the light.
Medicine Wheel Gardens at Sacred Journeys Shamanic Retreat Centre

Zohar Flowering Mamba Sings

I am Lara Wisdom Rider, I have met and merged with the Giraffe that is me. I felt honoured, loved and safe journeying with Lou and Laurel in this magickal, loving space up in the hills. I have shown up for myself.

Beautiful sunset over Drummond Valley.

Lara Wisdom Rider

Reconnective Healing Practitioner
Experience as a Rainbow Warrior Apprentice; ‘I have stepped onto a life path which resonates with me in so many ways at this point in my life. A path brought all the way from the Northwest Power to Southeast Africa by Lou Worldweaver. Through his experience, honesty and humour, Lou teaches and reflects all that I need to learn in each moment – be it at the weekends we come together or through the tools I am given to take into my real life challenges and experiences. Laurel Weaving Willow, through her presence, wisdom and interpretation of the teachings marries them to brings absolute balance. So meticulously packaged, planned and presented. As they work together, they reflect pure, honest communication within relationship to me as yet another tool to strive to experience in my own relationships. These teachings are sacred and they teach my soul to be in intimate relationship with myself. This path is not an easy one, but I choose it because it feels right and I always feel supported through my teachers, Lou & Laurel, in the Community and as an individual, to experience a deeper understanding and harmony with Earth, my home.’
Beautiful sunset over Drummond Valley.

Tamara Gaia Otter

Shares this after a Personal Awareness Retreat, ‘I have come to understand that the greatest moments in our lives that give us our true power back, are in fact the most simple – effortless. All we are required to do is to stand in front of ourselves with neutrality. When I can allow myself the opportunity to be neutral, I can find love for myself. I look back and deeply thank myself for the experience I had at Sacred Journeys. I can deeply thank you, Lou & Laurel for holding a space where I can search for my authentically powerful self. I thank you for your unconditional love and for breathing life into the Circle of the Medicine Wheel and the world.’
Beautiful sunset over Drummond Valley.

Abi Womb Heart Sings