Mindful Living Quiz

Mindful Living Quiz

This global lockdown has given each of us a chance to slow down and turn our attention inward to reflect on our lives. While exploring what causes us stress, dissatisfaction, depression and frustration, we need to stay present and emotionally unattached. Maintaining neutrality, helps us to evaluate our existence and move our lives in a direction better suited to our hopes and dreams. As we prepare ourselves for post-lockdown life, we need to make a conscious effort, to live in greater awareness without allowing the usual distractions to draw our attention away from the moment. The key is to find value in paying attention to our feelings, sensations, thoughts and the inspirations arising from being in the moment. This will not only have a positive impact on our quality of life, it will bring our awareness to unknown opportunities for growth, and fulfilment.


Here is a quiz to help assess how Mindfully you are actually living.

Be as honest with as you can be, read each statement below and then score as follows:


Our interactions and relationships with others (including family, friends, social and romantic) have a significant influence on our lives, our decisions, and our overall happiness.

1 – All my relationships make me feel energised, joyful, and happy.

2 – The people I am in relationship with respect my boundaries and accept me for who I am.

3 – I value my emotions and express them naturally, without judging, suppressing, or hiding them from others.


Roughly a third of a person’s life is spent ensuring financial security. Our lifestyle, physical health and wellbeing are dependent on our ability to support ourselves.

1 – I am satisfied with my career and enjoy getting up in the morning to go to work.

2 – I keep my body strong and capable by getting enough rest, exercise and by following a healthy diet that satisfies me.

3 – I am able to maintain balanced energy levels throughout the day.


Our ability to have a clear mind, good communication and express ourselves effectively is crucial to feeling confident and comfortable about we are.

1 – I can openly express my thoughts, opinions, and feelings with others.

2 – I am open to new ideas and willing to learn from all sources.

3 – I can silence my negative self-thoughts because I am confident about who I am and what I know about myself.


Our creativity, motivation and passion for life should inspire us to live every moment to the fullest. This creates a fulfilling life which becomes our legacy and the mark we leave behind.

1 – My life is meaningful to me and I live everyday with purpose.

2 – I feel passionate about the life I am creating for myself and the impact it has on the world.

3 – I fill my life with the things I love to do, which help me grow and feed my spirit.


Above 40 – Congrats! You are living Mindfully.

30 – 40 – You should consider getting some support with developing strategies to keep things moving and growing in your life.

Below 30 – We suggest you get coaching or training in techniques, tools, and teachings to help you reset your attention on what really matters to you so you can lighten your load and find your passion for life again.


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