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Birthday Celebration

Reflecting back…


This March month has been a wonderful whirlwind of activity. It seems so long & yet just a few short weeks ago when we kicked off with a Rainbow Warrior Ceremonial Gateway Weekend which included this Group’s first overnight Ceremony. Julius, our grounds keeper & sacred rock carrier whom many of you know & love, also celebrated 4 years of being with us at Sacred Journeys. We were very proud to receive a generous Heart Gift of Sacred Journeys T-Shirts from Martin Brilliant Silver Owl, a Rainbow Warrior Apprentice. And soon after, Sacred Journeys celebrated its 7th anniversary with a beautiful bonfire & drumming on the beach. A heartfelt thank you to Dylan Dolphin Knows Truth for his creation of the Sacred Journeys Bonfire.

We will be posting pictures on our Sacred Journeys Facebook Page soon!

Many of you got to meet our dear friend Sasha Raven Dancing in the Light (all the way from our Canadian home) as we all shared in festivities, teachings & gatherings – most of which took place over FOOD! I believe Melktert was a fast SA favourite! In between all the teachings & gatherings, it is surprising that we did so much visiting, discussing, bonding, healing, expanding & exploring.

We spent time sharing our South African ‘local is lekker’ jaunts with Sasha, visiting the Birds of Prey Sanctuary, an unexpected yet magickal visit to Nick & Nicole at Toprock, exploring the famous Victoria Market, an interesting adventure over & under the bridge into Durban’s Muti Market, a delicious lunch at Afro’s Chicken was a must, an enjoyable bicycle ride down the sand-washed promenade (witnessing the aftermath of the huge full moon tidal waves that hit the beachfront a few days before) & of course a sundowner at Moyo’s on the pier – having our faces traditionally painted & looking out over the Indian Ocean & Durban’s beautiful coastline.

We even managed to fit in a few days in St Lucia, where we stayed right on the estuary with the crocs & hippo’s & ventured on safari into the Hluhluwe-Imfolozi Game Reserve where divine manifestation supported us as we got to share some incredibly intimate moments with more animals than I can remember!
Back to Sacred Journeys to continue with Private Sessions, weekly Sisterhood Teaching Circles & even an impromptu Sunday afternoon Sisterhood Gathering Circle that turned into a (much longer than expected but very powerful) Healing Circle. Some of our advanced Rainbow Warrior Apprentices joined us for their next Ceremonial Gateway Weekend – another overnight Ceremony, indelible memories & unforgettable experiences.

And just last week I got to bring some of the March excitement to its completion with a gentle & strong Sisterhood Sweat Lodge. Thank you to the two Brothers that supported us as Fire Crew, the fifteen Sisters present in body, & all the others who joined us in spirit from across our magickal planet. The mixture of languages, accents & authenticity in the prayers of intent touched each of us & rippled out into the fabric of the universe. It touches my heart so deeply to feel & experience these Medicine Circles as they continue to expand & grow!

Having another perspective was an interesting thing, to view our country through the eyes of another, a sight seer, a foreigner (even though Sasha is by no means foreign to us, nor to anyone who met her here). I was somewhat surprised at how much I take the beauty, diversity & raw power of MamaAfrika for granted. Sasha’s visit was a gift that has graced me with more appreciation for myself, my country & for the beautiful people I surround myself with. It also reminded me of the deep & intimate knowing I have inside – about myself, my journey & my ‘medicine work’. I am even more honoured & appreciative than ever for being in a position where I am able to facilitate & lead Gatherings & Ceremonies such as these where such profound individual & ancestral healing happens within our lineage’s. For the seven generations that have come before us & the seven generations that are yet to come.

I understand how important it is to weave this tapestry that merges the Teachings of Turtle Island Power into the Roots of the African Power & creates a work of art unto itself. With this understanding, I urge you to look forward in your own life – to the month ahead, to the year ahead, to how you choose to plan & create your journey that is yet to come.

Are you planning your life in a way that feeds, supports & works for you?

Intending the Journey forward…

We descend into Autumn seeking greater Awareness with a mid-week Retreat from April 11th – 13th, as we use the cooling weather to cleanse & release the things that bring us no gain.This helps us to make space inside ourselves so we can connect to the more meaningful things that we really want to make happen. We see it as a time to take stock, to assess the losses we have incurred, appreciate the gains we have made & identify what we need to change in order to best support ourselves so we are adequately prepared for the coming Winter.

We use what we gain from the Awareness Retreat in our continued exploration of creating empowering Relationships. We spend the weekend of the 21st – 23rd of April immersing ourselves in teachings, tools & exercises that remind us how we can forge productive, healthy relationships with those we love (& even those we don’t). This weekend Workshop is not only for couples but for anyone wanting to change the way they relate with those they are in a relationship with, starting with self!

I am humbled by the way in which our regular Sisterhood Gatherings continue to weave an ever stronger network of support for the Women’s Circle’s and for our Sacred Journeys Community. In my role as a Matriarch, I thrive on guiding these explorations into the Feminine Mysteries. They touch my heart so deeply as I get to witness such magickal transformation and growth.

We end April with one of our popular Plant Medicine Journeys. This is not for the feint hearted as we use alchemy to open the portals of reality into the beyond. You are given an opportunity to ride the wave of energy at the change of Season, SAMHAIN, a time of honouring the dead, cleansing, releasing & rising up to meet yourself anew as you seek to catalyze yourself into a different understanding of your reality.

We also maintain our Medicine Work within the Rainbow Warrior Dreaming Container. Our current Apprentices have just renewed their commitment to continue their Shamanic Training, and our new group of students are already preparing to start their journey with us in May. Due to the in-depth nature of this Program, we choose a small group of committed seekers to journey with us each year through this foundational framework of Shamanic Teachings, Training and Ceremonies.

We also have our attention on other exciting adventures planned for later this year and into 2018. Sacred Journeys radiates its beauty outward as a beacon of hope and light across the world for those who seek their own healing and personal growth. We provide tools to live life with happy hearts, healthy bodies, humorous minds, hopeful spirits and a harmonious connection to the everything.

Honour your Sacred Journey.
In Beauty, Lou Worldweaver & Laurel Weaving Willow

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