There is only Awareness. 

Awareness helps us to access the inner teacher who guides us back to wholeness.

Most human beings want to achieve greater success, more happiness and deeper intimacy. To accomplish these things requires a presence, a motivation and a focus of attention, it is an act of Living in Awareness

You have the power to choose to change your reality.

We extend heartfelt gratitude to Louis from ‘BoltonInc’ for his exceptional skill & expertise in creating these videos with so much love & care.

Weaving Willow

Laurel Weaving Willow is a guide, mentor & teacher. She honours & celebrates her role as a woman, wife, mother, daughter, sister, lover.

She weaves her natural healing medicine of the willow tree into the fabric of life, sharing from the Mantle of the Matriarch, through the wisdom of her womb. She is a able to direct one’s attention to the heart of the matter, to see what needs to be seen, feel what needs to be felt & heal the wounding deep within.


To sum up Lou Worldweaver’s multifaceted skills & mastery in a wide range of fields, is to call him an Artist. Whether he’s teaching students, leading a ceremony, cooking a meal, having a conversation or making love, Lou engages with them all as artistic expressions of one’s beauty.

He has made it his life’s mission to weave beauty into his life as well as empowering others to do the same for themselves.

With our combined intent, we took a leap of faith.

Following our hearts and guided by spirit we birthed our dream – Sacred Journeys.

Sacred Journeys is founded in an ancient lineage of knowledge and teachings known as Medicine Wheels inherited from the Twisted Hair Elders, a select group of indigenous teachers and healers from North, South and Central America (known as Turtle Island).


This form of Shamanism demonstrates an intimate and profound understanding of Science, Nature, Psychology and Physiology – all the ingredients that equip us with the most efficient way to wake up, claim the best of ourselves and carry that excellence forward.


Twisted Hair Elders were Medicine Women and Men who dedicated their lives to the pursuit of knowledge from all sources and all walks of life. They walked a path of beauty and integrity and were respected for their wisdom and power.


To them, hair represented knowledge, so rather than only working within a single tradition they devoted themselves to travelling Turtle Island, braiding and weaving their knowledge and understanding of the world. They open-heartedly shared this knowledge with those committed to seeking balance, harmony and healing.


This sacred knowledge of the universal laws, the human psyche, ancient healing techniques, alignment and communication with the elements of nature, ceremonial alchemy, controlled dreaming and spiritual awakening has been handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years and endured the test of time.


We are honoured to be a part of this Twisted Hair Lineage and it is our privilege to uphold this tradition by sharing the knowledge, wisdom and ceremonies with you, in the integrity and spirit that our teachers shared them with us.

Situated in the picturesque Valley of 1000 Hills, midway between Durban & Pietermaritzburg, the Training Centre takes you away from the busy-ness of the world to experience deep transformational healing, growth and expansion through a variety of programs, workshops, retreats and community gatherings.


It is also home to Rainbow Warrior Apprentices who gather regularly for their Shamanic Training.


The Training Centre is a place for our Sacred Journeys Community to come together, fostering an attitude of mindfulness, mutual respect & consideration. There are no televisions, radios or magazines; electronic devices & cell-phones are strongly discouraged. This means outside distractions are limited, allowing you the time to immerse yourself in your journey, basking in the healing energy of this Sacred Ceremonial Space.

Surrounding the Training Centre, you will find our unique Medicine Wheel Gardens, who have much to share with you. You can either explore the gardens on your own, or use one of our guided ceremonies.


Wind yourself into the “Tapu’at – Mother-Child” Labyrinth as you feel her rhythm of new life springing up inside you. Spiralling into her centre, you will meet Grandfather Baobab, who gently whispers his song of wisdom.


Lighten your spirit by playing with the faeries in the ‘Tolilaqui’ Garden or let the sound of the trickling waters flow intimately into your heart. Align to the heartbeat of the earth as you step into the welcoming embrace of the Women’s Garden.


Harmonise yourself with this open air orchestra as you merge your senses with the exquisite sunsets & the breathtaking views.


The Flowering Tree Ceremony guides you around the Medicine Wheel so you can identify what is holding you back from fully manifesting your Dream.


The Medicine Wheel Walk opens doorways to each direction of the wheel so you can look into the different aspects of your Self & reclaim the lost parts of your wholeness.


The Nature Walk Talk creates an opportunity to communicate with & listen to the worlds of Grandmother Earth; the minerals, plants, animals & humans. Walk & talk with these worlds, allowing them to become your teachers & guides. Learn to silence your mind & take command of your inner world as you listen to & learn from the outer world.


We invite you to give us a call so you can come & visit us to experience one of these simple yet profound Ceremonies.

Many arrive at Sacred Journeys not knowing what to expect, feeling somewhat nervous and even fearful of what might come. Afterwards, they find it difficult to leave, they often share how their experiences have far exceeded anything they could have hoped for and feel like they have found a deeper sense of ‘home’.


Feedback we most often receive speaks of gratitude for holding such a safe space; the ability to express deep seated emotions without feeling judged; letting go; healing the body; insight; wisdom; patience; unconditional acceptance; enlightening; life-altering; understanding; gentleness; love; support; respect; beauty; truth; care; integrity & impeccability.


We know from experience that the work we do changes people’s lives in a deep & meaningful way.


Our blended teaching style follows an integrated approach to provide various learning experiences in support of the organic nature of humans.

  • Lecture style teaching
  • Interactive explorative discussion
  • Cognitive mind mapping
  • Group activities & experiences
  • Body-Mind integration exercises
  • Personal Reflection Ceremonies
  • Story telling & sharing sessions
  • Techniques of Discipline

We place infinite worth on the Gatherings we offer at Sacred Journeys. It is our privilege to witness & participate in the growth people experience while here.


Joining us requires you to be present, aware & committed to your journey, with the willingness to give equally for what you receive.


Our Exchange Policies are inspired from understanding the principle of mutual exchange. This means the value of what you receive from the experience is equal to your investment (not only financial but also mentally, emotionally, physically, spiritually & energetically). You will find equitable exchange values for our services, although for many, the gains made during their Sacred Journeys experience far surpass the requested investment of money.


We do not intend for money to become a factor preventing anyone from participating, however there is no such thing as a free ride. Everything in the universe follows the principle of mutual energy exchange. For example, the bee takes pollen so that it may nurture & care for its hive & in exchange, fertilizes the flower so that it too may thrive. We have experienced that this kind of balanced equitable exchange creates opportunity for the greatest benefits for all involved to thrive.


Should you feel called to join us, but have difficulty meeting the requested exchange, talk to us about a proposal for equitable exchange that reflects an expression from your heart to honour the value of what you will gain from the experience, honestly giving what you can, no more & no less.

No, these Medicine Wheel Teachings help us to create an effective roadmap for life.
They can be seen as the original form of spirituality, psychology, philosophy and science but more importantly, they are about the essence of being human. It is both compatible and complimentary to many belief systems including Christianity. Over the years we have worked with many people who devoutly followed their religious beliefs and have used what we offer to deepen their spiritual connection to their chosen path.

Your personal journey is an important one, the path you take and the choices you make affect your whole life. Imagine the responsibility of finding the right school for your young child, knowing that whatever school you choose will impact them (positively or negatively) in every aspect of their growth and development. You would ensure that you explored all options so you could make the best decision for your precious bundle.

You are equally as precious and it’s just as important when choosing the right therapist, teacher or guide to aid you in your self-growth. This is why we encourage you to do your homework before committing to any person or modality, including us. No-one has all the answers and it’s best to steer clear of anyone who suggests or intimates that they do. Talk to them, find out what they are about and trust your intuition to make the decision that feels right for you.

It is possible to claim for alternative, non-medical interventions in many parts of the world, but Medical Aid Societies in South Africa generally don’t pay for this type of service.

You can always submit a proposal to your medical aid and see if you receive a favourable response.

The Twisted Hair approach is HOLISTIC; we look at the WHOLE you – your emotional fluidity, physical health, mental clarity, spiritual determination and your harmonious connection to all life. Being in balance with these aspects means that you are functioning at optimum level.

Since everyone is influenced and affected by their inner and outer world, good or bad, imbalances happen. As you accumulate life experiences, especially the ones that have a negative impact, it is easy to lose your balance and become weighed down by emotions, especially those that cannot effectively be expressed or released.

In your uniqueness, you look for a way to cope that best works for you. Some are effective and others not, creating unwanted habits like smoking, overeating or substance abuse. You may become withdrawn which impacts your self-esteem resulting in a lack of confidence, feelings of worthlessness and a lack of purpose in life.

We respect your individuality, your right to be in balance and your wholeness. We address the cause of these imbalances and open your mind to other perspectives, possibilities and choices. Through this, you will gain greater levels of self-trust, self-respect and the celebration of your uniqueness.

Our Approach is designed to empower you and bring you back to a centered and balanced state so that you may choose to live the life you want to be living.

Generally no, you cannot just take a weekend course and then advertise yourself as a Shaman or even a Shamanic Practitioner.
It takes many years of training, teaching and practice to become proficient in sharing shamanic teachings and ceremonies.
A real Shaman is not intent on getting you to believe what they say but rather to help you find your own truth and wisdom.
To be a Shaman is to follow a calling.
Close to 30 years ago Worldweaver had such a calling and began his training in the ancient tradition of Shamanism from the Twisted Hair elders. He has been charged with the protection and caretaking of these mystery school teachings. To this day, he prefers to remain undefined by any such title although his students look to him as a Nagual, a leader and teacher of beauty, power and sorcery. One who walks between the physical and spirit worlds with impeccability and humility.
On behalf of all your students Worldweaver; we have infinite gratitude for how you touch our lives. You are a brother, father, grandfather, mentor, listener, supporter and challenger. Megweetch. Thank you. Ngiyabonga.
Sacred Journeys will help anyone who is looking to improve and change their quality of life. Regardless of the issue or challenge, our intent is to help you root out the cause and bring you back to a state of wholeness and balance. Clients who have worked with us have been empowered to live more fulfilling and happier lives.
  • An opportunity to open your mind and see the world from a different perspective
  • A way to re-connect and learn from Nature, our simplest and greatest teacher
  • An opportunity to let go of whatever holds you back from being that beautiful, natural human you dream yourself to be
  • Taking yourself out of your normal everyday life and experience something new and exciting
  • Tools and techniques that give you a deeper insight into the human psyche
  • Sharing in a community of like minded people that support each other in a unique and open hearted way
The only requirement we have is that you come with an open mind and the willingness to explore new possibilities.