It’s true that we are the only ones who can travel along the path to our natural self, but it’s difficult to do alone, without support and guidance.




A sliding scale between R20 – 200 / $2 – 20 / €2 – 20 / £2 – 20.


June 23rd
July 21st
October 6th
November 3rd
January 4th
February 1st


WhatsApp +2782 571 3306 for the Zoom Link & details.

We are all looking for something that will restore the way we look at ourselves. Are you ready to meet your true self?


To experience AMWA, is to travel on a journey of self-awakening, which feels like a ‘coming home’.


AMWA combines the ancient wisdom of Africa’s natural world and the medicine wheel teachings of the indigenous people of the Americas.  


Although it contains astrological features, AMWA is a unique paradigm unto itself.


AMWA is a tool designed to open our minds and heal our hearts, as it guides us out of the maze of ignorance, confusion and separation.  It provides you with a comprehensive and accessible road map leading you back to your natural self.


AMWA’s sole purpose is to share the essential knowledge, tools and keys you will need, to travel the path of self-discovery.

AMWA integrates many layered elements to convey information about your unique qualities in the form of a Birth Constellation Chart.


This chart is the owner’s manual revealing the step by step process you take in your daily experiences so you can identify what is and isn’t working in your life.


Exploring your chart brings you face to face with the truth of who you really are.


You will discover assets, skills and abilities, which have previously remained undeveloped and unknown.


The various components within the chart act like personal advisers providing insight, direction and guidance in how to make the necessary changes to direct the course of your life in pursuit of your destiny.

READING your BIRTH CONSTELLATION CHART can be done in person or via zoom.

COST: R800 / $100 / €80

Bring your flash drive to record this 90 minute reading for future reference.

A READING of your BIRTH CONSTELLATION CHART will empower you to find solutions, clear blockages and step into your true calling in life.

Having a BIRTHDAY READING every year is a great way to integrate what you’ve gained from the past year and set clear intentions for the upcoming year.

A RELATIONSHIP READING is another way to give you insight into the way you relate to your significant others; partners, children, siblings, parents etc so you can interact with more compassion and understanding.


WhatsApp +2782 571 3306 OR EMAIL FOR BOOKINGS


We are all looking for something that will restore the way we look at ourselves. Are you ready to meet your true self?


To experience AMWA, is to travel on a journey of self-awakening, which feels like a ‘coming home’. It begins with plotting your BIRTH CONSTELLATION CHART, which is configured in a unique circular pattern and determined by your birth date.


As you learn to READ your chart, you will come to understand how your chart houses the secrets to developing the primary characteristics needed to open your eyes to see yourself in your wholeness, beyond what you believe about yourself. Each element within the chart details the essential ingredients needed to improve your creativity, relationships, intimacy, vocation, free will, health and how to live with greater awareness. 


In its entirety, the BIRTH CONSTELLATION CHART defines your potential and helps to expel negative beliefs, low self-esteem, and unworthiness. It provides you with a valuable reference tool that you can use to negotiate life’s ups and downs!

Our 2-DAY AMWA WORKSHOP is residential & incorporates a variety of teachings & tools, experiential learning opportunities, integration exercises, shamanic journeying, purification processes & ceremonial components. Experience this insightful Shamanic Journey as you receive guidance from your animal allies and wisdom from the Medicine Wheel.


COST: R3,000 / $400 / €380

DATES: 26th – 28th November


WhatsApp +2782 571 3306 OR EMAIL TO BOOK


African Medicine Wheel Astrology has inspired many on their journey towards greater understanding of themselves & how they do life.


The unique blend of Medicine Wheel Teachings & African Animal Archetypes provide an opportunity for us to access ancient wisdom within ourselves.


Only then can we embrace our natural gifts & talents & create our lives in the way we choose.


On this Shamanic Workshop, you will be guided on a personal journey into the seat of your Souls consciousness to work with your Birth Constellation Chart.


You will learn how to navigate the chart to explore different parts of yourself & how to awaken the ancient wisdom within so you can realize your destiny & manifest your life as a work of art.

PRACTITIONER TRAINING is aimed at those who want to further their application of AMWA by learning how to apply their own wisdom by facilitating BIRTH CONSTELLATION CHARTS & READINGS for others. Once knowledge is experienced it is first integrated as truth and then becomes wisdom.

The first step of the journey, OUR HUMAN EXPERIENCE helps us understand how we think, behave, react or respond, what we fear, what we desire and what we strive for.


HOW AMWA WORKS FOR ME provides you with knowledge, experiential processes, and tools to apply the AFRICAN MEDICINE WHEEL ASTROLOGY as the vehicle to support and guide you in the journey to discovering your true self.  We dig deeper into AMWA’s many components, taking everything apart to understand how it all comes back together into the powerful and insightful tool you will use to explore your own intricate components.


WhatsApp +2782 571 3306 OR EMAIL

Who is your AMWA Birth Ally?

Click on the dates corresponding to your birthday to find out.

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The Eagle teaches us how our vision sees through masks, pretense and drama into what is hidden and unseen to discover the sacred and beautiful. Resonant qualities are wisdom, originality, humanitarianism, inventiveness, power, independence, Dissonant qualities are opinionated, eccentric, dogmatic, dispassionate, fanatical, rude, over sensitive & unreliable.

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February 19 – March 20

The Giraffe helps use our inter-dimensional consciousness to find neutrality, acceptance and patience for the trials and tribulations we face on our journey. Resonant qualities are intuition, gracefulness, compassion, empathy, creativity, imagination, free spirit & sensitivity. Dissonant qualities are irrationality, gullibility, dependency, confusion, impracticality, disillusionment and indecisiveness and becoming unapproachable. 

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March 21 – April 20

The Cheetah teaches us to move through life with effortless ease and accomplish our goals, by focusing on what is most important to us in the moment. Resonant qualities are determination, fearlessness, active anticipation, enthusiasm, courage, intuition & leadership. Dissonant qualities are stubbornness, aggression, anxiety, impatience, being demanding, selfishness, thoughtlessness and impetuousness.

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April 21 – May 20

The Cape Buffalo teaches us how spontaneity gives us the timing and precision to engage in the process of life, manifesting our desires and dreams. Resonant qualities are innocence, charity, patience, sacrifice, abundance, harmony & honesty. Dissonant qualities are possessiveness, insecurity, lethargy, materialism, indulgence, closed-mindedness and lack of originality. 

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May 21 – June 20

The Mongoose teaches us how learn and grow with an adaptable mind gaining knowledge and wisdom from new thoughts, viewpoints, opinions and ideas. Resonant qualities are generosity, versatility, playfulness, agility, inquisitiveness, craftiness, abundance and eloquence. Dissonant qualities are compulsiveness, dishonesty, superficiality, unreliability, nervousness, immaturity and being two-faced and complicated. 

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June 21 – July 22

The Ostrich teaches us to be in the natural purity of life, without contamination or being at the effect of the untruths, deceptions and lies we may encounter in life. Resonant qualities are imagination, sympathy, sensuality, sensibility, nurturing, creativity and endurance. Dissonant qualities are defensiveness, impracticality, fragility, insecurity, vulnerability, timidity, instability and apathy. 

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July 23 – August 23

The Lion teaches us how to courageously take authority to change our reality in pursuit of our personal growth and feed ourselves with what we truly hunger for. Resonant qualities are imagination, sympathy, sensuality, sensibility, nurturing, creativity and endurance. Dissonant qualities are arrogance, vanity, intolerance, materialism, impatience, inflexibility, control and possessiveness.

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August 24 – September 22

The Leopard teaches us to trust ourselves as the resource for all knowledge, truth and wisdom as we pursue what feels right for us and only us. Resonant qualities are independence, insightfulness, modesty, discernment, fearlessness, strength and transcendence. Dissonant qualities are aloofness, perfectionism, secretiveness, criticism, skepticism, idealism, hypocrisy and worrying.

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September 23 – October 22

The Hyena teaches us how intuition empowers us to discover what our true needs really are and take responsibility to satisfy them. Resonant qualities are persistence, cooperation, vicious tenacity, mysteriousness, fearlessness, cleverness, power and adaptability. Dissonant qualities are indecisiveness, extremism, lack of discipline, compromise, inadequacy, perfectionism, laziness and co-dependency.

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October 23 – November 21

The Cobra teaches us how to transform by letting go of what no longer serves us and make space for new opportunities, possibilities and realities. Resonant qualities are creativity, wisdom, instinct, passion, imagination, psychic ability, intensity and power. Dissonant qualities are manipulation, stubbornness, destructiveness, resentment, cruelty, vindictiveness, and being controlling and secretive.

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November 22 – December 21

The Wart Hog helps us find beauty in all things as we transcend the pettiness of judgement and comparison for what is and isn’t considered beautiful. Resonant qualities are charisma, optimism, sincerity, resourcefulness, benevolence, virility, playfulness and ferocity. Dissonant qualities are insecurity, being inconsiderate and unrealistic, restlessness, naivety, tactlessness, impetuousness and extravagance.  

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December 22 – January 19

The Wild Dog teaches us how we can strategically manifest our desires by opening our minds to access any available resource from any avenue. Resonant qualities are intelligence, stamina, quick thought, responsibility, versatility, communication, perseverance and patience. Dissonant qualities are selfishness, being judgmental, lack of flexibility, sarcasm, distance, insensitivity, pessimism and cruelty.