African Medicine Wheel Astrology

Align to your Natural Essence

African Medicine Wheel Astrology is made up of three parts:



The African animals embody the ancient wisdom imbued in the soil which birthed humanity. This wisdom is encoded in their bones. It flows through their blood. It lives and breathes in every cell of their being. The animals are our Allies, offering us their priceless wisdom about survival, harmony, relationship, synchronicity, alignment, power, strength and balance.


The Medicine Wheel

The medicine wheel teachings of the indigenous people of the Americas provide a road-map for us to follow in pursuit of these same qualities. The “Good Red Road” is paved with their wisdom and knowledge. Walking along this path leads us to a life of humility, peace, acceptance, tolerance, respect, compassion, goodwill and benevolence.



AMWA was created from marrying the ancient wisdom of Africa and the Americas into an astrological form. The Allies of AMWA act like astrological bodies, bringing awareness to our natural qualities and gifts. These are the essential ingredients we need to apply in our lives if we are going live in alignment and harmony with Grandmother Earth and her children. Most of these qualities lay dormant, waiting to be awakened into our awareness.


AMWA is intended to open our minds and heal our hearts, as it guides us out of the maze of ignorance, confusion and separation. It teaches us to heighten our awareness, expand our imagination, find greater self-expression and develop the tools needed to create a life of beauty. This ancient wisdom is within us. To experience life in this way is to awaken to the truth and knowledge that the African Medicine Wheel Astrology is founded upon.

AMWA is configured in a unique circular pattern called a Birth Constellation. As with other forms of astrology, the configuration of our Birth Constellation is determined by our birth date.


This constellation is made up of 21 spheres revolving around us like the planets around the sun. They house the secrets of the primary characteristics needed to become a balanced human. Each sphere holds a piece of the sacred code, unlocking the mysteries of our naturalness and our potential.


Within each sphere resides an Ally whose purpose is to help us realize we possess all the keys to unlocking the code and shining in the world with our unique natural brilliance. Most of these assets are undeveloped and unknown to us.


When we connect to an Ally, we meet a personal adviser providing us with insight, guidance and direction in every part of our lives. They are continually communicating, coaching and teaching us how to wake up, sift through what’s true and not true about us and take responsibility for our lives.


Delving into the knowledge and wisdom of AMWA brings us face to face with the truth of who we really are, unlocking our inner wisdom and following our life’s purpose.

To experience an AMWA reading is to take a journey into one’s natural self. It opens our eyes to see ourselves in our wholeness, beyond what we believe about ourselves.


A reading helps to expel our negative beliefs, low self-esteem and unworthiness, replacing it with the truth and knowledge about our unique natural brilliance.


During a recorded 90-minute reading, you will travel through each sphere of your Birth Constellation. At each sphere, you will meet an Ally who will share its wisdom and teach you about your unique gifts and how to apply them.


Throughout the reading, the Allies will empower you to find solutions, clear blockages and step into your true calling in life. They will show you how to improve creativity, relationships, intimacy, vocation, free will, health and how to live with greater awareness.


Choosing to have a reading every year around your birthday is an effective way to integrate what you’ve gained from the past year and set clear intentions for the upcoming year.

Are you a Leopard, a Giraffe or perhaps an Ostrich?

Explore, discover and learn how your AMWA Allies can set you free of confusion and stress. Learn to run, fly and play with your AMWA Allies as they take you on a journey into greater awareness, self-trust and focus. Find answers to your most pressing questions about your true nature, relationships, career, and more.


Join us for an AMWA teaching circle where you will:

  • learn about the AMWA paradigm
  • be introduced to the four main Allies from your Birth Constellation: focus, inner power, natural self and knowledge
  • invite these Allies to help you sift through confusion and distraction to focus on what will empower you to learn about and awaken to your true nature
  • participate in a shamanic drum journey to meet and engage with these Allies
  • experience a personal ceremony to help you awaken the power of your Allies into your life

To train in AMWA, is to immerse yourself in the ancient wisdom of our ancestors and the natural worlds of Grandmother Earth.


Many people who have experienced the power and beauty of AMWA feel called to learn more about it. They either want to integrate the knowledge and wisdom of AMWA more deeply into their lives or they want to learn how to facilitate readings for others.


Regardless of the destination, this journey requires an open mind with a solid commitment to follow through.


The AMWA training program comprises a minimum of 60 sessions totalling approximately 100 hours. These sessions include teaching, training and practical application.


This training programme is not meant for dabblers or curious spectators. Each prospective trainee will be interviewed before they will be accepted into the program.



Who is your AMWA Birth Ally?

Click on the dates corresponding to your birthday to find out.

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The Eagle teaches us how our vision sees through masks, pretense and drama into what is hidden and unseen to discover the sacred and beautiful. Resonant qualities are wisdom, originality, humanitarianism, inventiveness, power, independence, Dissonant qualities are opinionated, eccentric, dogmatic, dispassionate, fanatical, rude, over sensitive & unreliable.

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February 19 – March 20

The Giraffe helps use our inter-dimensional consciousness to find neutrality, acceptance and patience for the trials and tribulations we face on our journey. Resonant qualities are intuition, gracefulness, compassion, empathy, creativity, imagination, free spirit & sensitivity. Dissonant qualities are irrationality, gullibility, dependency, confusion, impracticality, disillusionment and indecisiveness and becoming unapproachable. 

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March 21 – April 20

The Cheetah teaches us to move through life with effortless ease and accomplish our goals, by focusing on what is most important to us in the moment. Resonant qualities are determination, fearlessness, active anticipation, enthusiasm, courage, intuition & leadership. Dissonant qualities are stubbornness, aggression, anxiety, impatience, being demanding, selfishness, thoughtlessness and impetuousness.

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April 21 – May 20

The Cape Buffalo teaches us how spontaneity gives us the timing and precision to engage in the process of life, manifesting our desires and dreams. Resonant qualities are innocence, charity, patience, sacrifice, abundance, harmony & honesty. Dissonant qualities are possessiveness, insecurity, lethargy, materialism, indulgence, closed-mindedness and lack of originality. 

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May 21 – June 20

The Mongoose teaches us how learn and grow with an adaptable mind gaining knowledge and wisdom from new thoughts, viewpoints, opinions and ideas. Resonant qualities are generosity, versatility, playfulness, agility, inquisitiveness, craftiness, abundance and eloquence. Dissonant qualities are compulsiveness, dishonesty, superficiality, unreliability, nervousness, immaturity and being two-faced and complicated. 

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June 21 – July 22

The Ostrich teaches us to be in the natural purity of life, without contamination or being at the effect of the untruths, deceptions and lies we may encounter in life. Resonant qualities are imagination, sympathy, sensuality, sensibility, nurturing, creativity and endurance. Dissonant qualities are defensiveness, impracticality, fragility, insecurity, vulnerability, timidity, instability and apathy. 

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July 23 – August 23

The Lion teaches us how to courageously take authority to change our reality in pursuit of our personal growth and feed ourselves with what we truly hunger for. Resonant qualities are imagination, sympathy, sensuality, sensibility, nurturing, creativity and endurance. Dissonant qualities are arrogance, vanity, intolerance, materialism, impatience, inflexibility, control and possessiveness.

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August 24 – September 22

The Leopard teaches us to trust ourselves as the resource for all knowledge, truth and wisdom as we pursue what feels right for us and only us. Resonant qualities are independence, insightfulness, modesty, discernment, fearlessness, strength and transcendence. Dissonant qualities are aloofness, perfectionism, secretiveness, criticism, skepticism, idealism, hypocrisy and worrying.

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September 23 – October 22

The Hyena teaches us how intuition empowers us to discover what our true needs really are and take responsibility to satisfy them. Resonant qualities are persistence, cooperation, vicious tenacity, mysteriousness, fearlessness, cleverness, power and adaptability. Dissonant qualities are indecisiveness, extremism, lack of discipline, compromise, inadequacy, perfectionism, laziness and co-dependency.

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October 23 – November 21

The Cobra teaches us how to transform by letting go of what no longer serves us and make space for new opportunities, possibilities and realities. Resonant qualities are creativity, wisdom, instinct, passion, imagination, psychic ability, intensity and power. Dissonant qualities are manipulation, stubbornness, destructiveness, resentment, cruelty, vindictiveness, and being controlling and secretive.

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November 22 – December 21

The Wart Hog helps us find beauty in all things as we transcend the pettiness of judgement and comparison for what is and isn’t considered beautiful. Resonant qualities are charisma, optimism, sincerity, resourcefulness, benevolence, virility, playfulness and ferocity. Dissonant qualities are insecurity, being inconsiderate and unrealistic, restlessness, naivety, tactlessness, impetuousness and extravagance.  

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December 22 – January 19

The Wild Dog teaches us how we can strategically manifest our desires by opening our minds to access any available resource from any avenue. Resonant qualities are intelligence, stamina, quick thought, responsibility, versatility, communication, perseverance and patience. Dissonant qualities are selfishness, being judgmental, lack of flexibility, sarcasm, distance, insensitivity, pessimism and cruelty.