Living Clean is challenging, but you are worth the effort.

You deserve to be healed, free and clean – which is most likely why you are reading this page.

Imagine what it could be like to be in a state of ‘living clean’

Sense and feel yourself choosing to ‘live clean’?




We are all born ‘clean’, to live free of any beliefs, patterns and behaviours that limit our naturalness. As life develops, we muddy our naturalness with detrimental habits and behaviours, misguidedly believing we will be loved, accepted and feel like we fit in.


But, there comes a moment when we realize that settling for this kind of life undermines our ability to ‘live clean’, in our natural authenticity. As Nelson Mandela said: “There is no passion to be found playing small, in settling for a life that is less than the one you are capable of living.”


We do not need to continue living in this unproductive, negative and limited way. It is not natural, nor does it do us any justice. The aim of this life-changing program is to help you face, heal and move beyond the emotional pain keeping you from ‘living clean’ in your natural authenticity.


The Living Clean Program is a proven process, having successfully helped countless people to break free of unproductive patterns, behaviours and addictions. It is designed to get underneath the general dissatisfaction with life and the unfulfilled longing for “something better”, while creating a space for change to happen.

Unlike the more common approach designating dysfunctional patterns, behaviours and addictions as a disease, we believe in the power of the human spirit to heal and rise above adversity.


It is important to understand that no one has the power to heal you except for yourself.


We hold an attitude of empowerment as we listen, support and challenge you to face core issues. Although this is not an easy process, it is an effective approach to help you see what needs to be seen and do what needs to be done.


‘Living clean’ is taking the action to clean up whatever prevents you from being in your natural authenticity!


We guide you through what we call “peeling the onion”, a process of removing each dissatisfied, dysfunctional layer until you arrive at the heart of the matter, so you can begin healing from the inside out.


The benefits you will gain are equal to your willingness to be honest with yourself and your level of commitment to heal.

We cover a tremendous amount of content within a flexible outline during the course of this 11 day residential program. This is a general idea of some of what you can expect:



Creating a safe container from which to help you set honest and effective personal intentions.

Regular practice of ’emptying the cup’ hones awareness and provides a clear way forward to do what needs to be done.

How to apply the victories, insights and gains into your everyday life.

Debrief sessions help to integrate the learning process and support deep shifts in awareness.


Stepping into the silence

Mindful meditation practices to clarify and re-set intent.

Movement exercises and tools for uniting body, mind and spirit with intention to support higher levels of awareness.


Teachings and Tools

Days 2 -10 are filled with teachings and knowledge to help you learn more about yourself, experiential processes and practical, applicable tools equipping you to ‘live clean’.

Some of the major themes we focus on:

  • Identifying the victim
  • Accessing will power
  • Understanding addictive patterns of behaviour
  • Basic core beliefs
  • The spike of   energy
  • Proper use of energy
  • Co-dependency vs. co-empowerment
  • Identifying and satisfying your real needs
  • Finding your naturalness



You will have the privilege of participating in several ancient ceremonies including the Sweat Lodge; an ancient ritual of cleansing and purification to support the healing process, the Nature Walk Talk, Healing the Victim Ceremony, Stalking the Shadow, Re-framing Core Beliefs, Feeding Hungers etc. all designed to facilitate letting go of unproductive patterns and behaviours, redesigning your relationship with yourself and empowering you to take care of your needs in a healthy way.

  • Anyone who is struggling to find happiness, meaning and purpose in their life
  • Those who know or suspect they are trapped in unhealthy, unproductive or even addictive patterns and desire to heal and free themselves
  • People who have loved ones suffering from addictive patterns and wish to provide help, support and understanding
  • Anyone who has had little to no success from the popular mainstream programmes
  • Those who want to be in a programme that provides positive, life changing results
  • Anyone who is tired of leading a dual life where they go to great lengths to hide the part of themselves from the world
  • Those who are riddled with shame, guilt and judgment about who they are
  • Anyone who is ready to live a life free from the guilt and weight they’ve been carrying about their addiction
  • Anyone who is ready to live a full life without the need to hide any part of it
  • Those who are ready to end years of unhappiness, emotional pain and shame and to find true happiness
  • Anyone who wants to be in their true authentic self and unlock the real purpose for their life
  • Anyone who desires to tap into their self-worth and the power to create abundance, success, prosperity, joy, love and happiness in their life
  • Therapists and counselors will find great value in this programme, as it offers alternative perspectives and approaches that are highly successful and effective in working with clients suffering from addictions

This is a residential program incorporating a variety of components to provide you with profound healing, transformational growth, personal development & holistic wellness.

It includes teachings & tools, experiential learning opportunities, integration exercises, shamanic journeying, purification processes & ceremonial components.


This 11-day Program requires an investment of R 15,000 / $1,500 / €1,250 per person.


Are you ready to clean up your life?  Then contact us and make it happen.


January 2nd – January 12th


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