Reconnect with the Phenomenal YOU

  • Increase your self-confidence
  • Improve your body image and self-esteem
  • Let go of unwanted habits and fears
  • Learn to deal with stress more effectively
  • Heal childhood traumas
  • Improve relationships with family and partners
  • Deepen your relationship with yourself
  • Find more fulfillment and success in your life
  • Gain meaning and purpose
  • Expand your journey of personal growth
  • ‘Get sorted’ with life…

Both Lou Worldweaver & Laurel Weaving Willow consult with individuals. These sessions focus on you and your needs, helping you to make positive, productive changes to reclaim your personal power. Each session provides a safe nurturing environment for self exploration.


You will experience deep cellular healing and personal growth, along with the support and guidance needed to sustain the shifts made.


These sessions may delve into sensitive, personal issues that are addressed within a safe and confidential space. As we work together to bring about positive change, be mindful that you are your own best healer – the more willing you are to engage with the process, the more you will gain from it.


These sessions are dynamic and powerful, utilizing many of the following healing tools and techniques…

〉 Guided journey work

〉 Energy clearing, balancing and alignment

〉 Crystal doctoring and healing

〉 Breathing techniques

〉 Sound healing

〉 Shamanic counselling

〉 Energy mapping and body awareness exercises

〉 Understanding psychosomatic symptoms through the wisdom of the medicine wheels

A Chakra Scan

facilitated by Worldweaver & Weaving Willow

Within the shamanic healing paradigm, each person has ten chakras in their luminosity (auric field). These are energy vortices resonating at specific frequencies and vibrations that maintain health and well being within all aspects of a human (emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual). Due to the daily stresses we experience, these chakras become blocked, unbalanced and slow down.


Under the guidance of the Dance Chief and Medicine Guide, a dialogue is initiated between the client and their higher self. During the chakra scan, an image is given for each of the ten chakras. These images illustrate any dissonance within the chakras so they can be cleared and brought back to resonance.


We thought we would share this insight from Edward Lee Hester: “Have you ever wished to understand your reason for being here on Earth? Or have you ever wished that some heavenly power would help you understand your path and which way to go? Have you struggled with the pain of life and ached for help in healing? And are you attracted to the mysteries of the shamanic method, utilized by indigenous tribes for tens of thousands of years? There is a method to find these answers. It’s called a “chakra scan”, and it is performed by the husband and wife team of Worldweaver and Weaving Willow. Wherever you may live, you may get help via Skype right over your computer. I have personally received regular annual chakra scans via Skype from this talented twosome and recommend their skills and this method unconditionally.”

Crystal Sound Healing Circles

facilitated by Worldweaver and Weaving Willow – supported by a Healing Team of trained Rainbow Warrior Apprentices


Following in the time-honoured tradition of shamanic healing, the tools and techniques we use are focused on identifying and addressing the cause of the illness or disease. The process has many steps beginning with an initial consultation, and the completion of a “healing intake form”. This becomes the basis by which a specific shamanic healing is prepared for you.


A shamanic healing takes between 3 to 6 hours to prepare because each healing is as unique as the individual it is facilitated for, the healing itself can take up to a further 4 hours. It includes the participation of a circle of specially trained apprentices to support and provide energy to the process. The patient will experience a variety of traditional healing components, including different doctoring techniques, chakra reading and crystal work. These tools are all used to clear out any imbalances and blocks within your energy body and re-centre you into a balanced state with your emotional, physical, mental and spiritual aspects.


The conventional approach is to defer to the medical “experts” with a primary focus on treating the symptom and generally excludes the patient from participating in their own healing. The kind of shamanic healing we offer includes the active commitment and participation of the client and providing an alternative, holistic approach to health and well-being that is non-invasive and non-medical.


Please note: our services are not a substitute for consulting with a qualified medical professional.

Relationship Counselling

with Worldweaver and Weaving Willow

By their very nature, relationships can be one of the most challenging experiences in your life. There are three parts within any relationship – you, your partner and the relationship.


Initially in a fresh relationship, there is lots of energy and enthusiasm to easily care for all three. However, as the process of life unfolds with the added demands of children, financial commitments and work pressures, it becomes more difficult to dedicate as much energy to their upkeep.


You can easily find yourself falling into habits and patterns that aren’t always healthy for the maintenance of yourself or your relationship. Dedicating yourself to your partner, children or work can cause you to lose focus of the way you define yourself or what feeds you.


In order for your relationship to stay healthy, you and your partner must feel supported and sustained. This involves a commitment from each of you to continually learn about your individuality, knowing what your needs are and how to satisfy them. Only then can you each fulfill your half of the responsibility to care for the beauty of your relationship.


An essential part of maintaining a healthy relationship is open communication, sharing of feelings and supporting the fulfillment of one another’s needs and dreams. This can be difficult to initiate, especially if there are unresolved issues and unexpressed communications already undermining the relationship.


In our relationship counselling, we provide an objective and supportive platform for dealing with these challenges and any other issues that may arise as you flow together in life.