The Rainbow Warrior.

Take your power, Walk in Beauty, A’Ho!

Many of us reach a point where we find ourselves standing at a crossroads ready to change the direction of our lives in a profound and meaningful way because we know we can’t continue in the same old way anymore.

We want to delve into our subconscious mind and tap into the undiscovered wealth of power, magick, knowledge and wisdom that lays within. This stirring or calling beckons us to free our magnificence, direct the course of our lives and to do something great that will benefit more than just ourselves.

This is the calling of the Rainbow Warrior.

To acknowledge that you are a Rainbow Warrior is to embark on a remarkable Sacred Journey of Living in Awareness in the pursuit of your own personal growth and spiritual awakening.

In this Program you will travel alongside the age old footsteps of the Twisted Hair Elders, discovering the truth of who you really are through your own self growth & excellence – it is a commitment to living and walking a Path that Sings to your Heart. You will develop your individual autonomous freedom and find greater meaning and purpose to your life.

As a Rainbow Warrior you will learn to create positive relationships, play a more active and responsible role in your world and bring greater levels of happiness, health, hope and harmony into your experiences.

The goal of The Art of Rainbow Warrior is to guide you from being at the effect of life, to one of empowering you to be the determiner of your own life.

It is a Shamanic Pathway Towards Wisdom and Enlightenment.


This program is rooted in the Old Way of Apprenticeship, which means you enter into an agreement with yourself, spirit and your teacher, to face your own shadow, confront the enemy within and deal with your fears, beliefs, philosophies, co-dependencies, ignorance, disempowerment and dysfunctional patterns of behaviour.

Together we travel in a progressive movement, exploring ancient teachings & ceremonies which reveal an intimate & profound understanding of Nature, Science, Psychology & Physiology.

It will challenge you to become the Student by emptying your cup and letting go of what you think you know in order to discover what is genuinely true. It is a dynamic journey that requires your willingness to release all the ways you shaped yourself in order to fit in, conform and belong.

You begin the Rainbow Warriors Journey with the First Movement, in a small group of fellow seekers who are equally committed & dedicated to themselves. We come together for 6 weekends, beginning on a Friday evening & closing on a Sunday afternoon, spaced over the course of one year.

We use a variety of teachings, tools & techniques to support each weekends exploration within the following theme;

  • Children’s Planet
  • Song of the Universe
  • Identity
  • Human Luminosity
  • Journey of Cycles
  • Life Force

Run over the last weekend of March each year, ‘Ceremonial Gateway’ is our annual 4 day gathering where all Sacred Journeys Rainbow Warriors come together in support of themselves, one another & the collective. Each Apprentice steps into Ceremonial components that bring integration of their current year of training & activate their progression into the next Movement.

The Art of the Rainbow Warrior Program is the foundational framework for all our Shamanic work.

We open First Movement Enrolments in January each year and the Program commences in May. If this Program touches your heart, then contact us to arrange a time when we can do a 15 minute video-chat via skype or whatsapp. We meet with everyone before Enrolment in the Rainbow Warrior Program to have an opportunity to sit ‘face to face’ & determine whether we are a good fit for one another.

The Rainbow Warrior Path of Apprenticeship with Sacred Journeys is made up of Five Movements (Years).

Each Movement is progressive, building on the one before and includes a basic framework of Teachings, Tools and Ceremonies. At the end of each Movement (Year) we bring the process to completion with a 4 day Ceremonial Gateway. This is where all Rainbow Warriors come together in support of themselves, one another & the collective. This gives each Apprentice the opportunity to step into Ceremonial components that activate their progression to the next Movement (Year).

These Movements provide an alchemical process designed to strip away unnecessary unproductive beliefs and behaviours and uncover the True Nature Spirit Personality of the Apprentice.

First Movement – The Student

Focus – Erasing Personal History

The intent is to initiate the healing of the Child Substance Shield and the wounds of the past. It is designed to help the Student discover their path with heart and to awaken the healer and warrior within.

Second Movement – The Apprentice

Substance – Meeting Death as an Ally

The intent is to make as many changes as are necessary to heal the Adult Substance Shield. It is designed to help the Apprentice confront the enemy within, make death an ally and gain the 5 Huaquas.

Third Movement – The Warrior

Form – Stopping the World

The intent is to erase the remnants of self-pity so that the Apprentice can become present and aware of the moment. It is designed to help the Apprentice become teachable, step into the Adult Spirit Shield and become the Warrior.

Fourth Movement – The Light Worker

Determination – Controlling the Dream

The intent is to make the choice to create a life where the Apprentice can walk in the light. It is designed to help the Apprentice bring a death to their karmic ego, birth their Dharmic Ego and engage with life through the awakened Child Spirit Shield.

Fifth Movement – The Leader

Understanding – Being at Cause

The intent is to step into leadership of one’s own life. It is designed the help the Apprentice access the wisdom of the Elder Shield, find the light within their shadow and to assemble their world with sobriety and consciousness.

  • All seekers – we have all heard that when the student is ready the Teacher appearsKnowledge and Wisdom
  • Those who feel that The Art of the Rainbow Warrior “sings to their heart”, excites them and feeds their passion for knowledge and truth
  • Those that recognize that the only way to find your authentic self is to heal the wounds of the past
  • Those who want to return to a more balanced state of wholeness in order to assist or be of value to others in their healing journey
  • Those who understand what it means to open their heart and commit to digging into the shadow to illuminate their shining and inspire their greatness
  • Those who want to claim their Medicine
  • Individuals who are ready to push their edges and assume accountability and authority for their lives
  • Those who wish to be initiated into the Twisted Hair Shamanic Path with Heart
  • Anyone intent on making their life a Sacred Journey of Living in Awareness the pursuit of their own personal growth & spiritual awakening