The very nature of being alive means that we are in relationship with everything. Healthy, fulfilling relationships don’t just happen. For them to thrive, individuals must be willing to focus their attention first on themselves and their internal world in order to be effective in their relationships with others. This involves ongoing effort, the investment of time, self-honesty, sober communication, the willingness to shift and grow and a level of self-respect.


The cornerstone for thriving relationships with others, whether it’s our partners, parents, children, friends, co-workers or a stranger is founded upon the quality of our self-relationship. The more capable we are at taking care of ourselves, the more we can offer to our relationships with others.


It is our responsibility to ensure we care for our own needs, which are equally as important as those of others. In fact, if each individual is ensuring their needs are met, all their relationships are more likely to thrive because they are built by satisfied, fulfilled individuals. Not caring for our needs makes us feel deficient, lacking and empty. We become dependent on others to fill the emptiness. This is a recipe for disaster. It is the primary cause of dysfunction in any relationship.


Our approach is to empower you to create happy healthy relationships with everything in your life. Creating empowered relationships requires you to take responsibility for your part in the relationship. This involves healing and letting go of the past, establishing personal and co-operative goals, engaging with clear, open-hearted communication and supporting personal growth.


We provide a safe and caring environment, with results-oriented and highly effective coaching, guidance and support. We work with individuals who want to nurture their relationship with themselves and how they engage with others, or couples who want to thrive together.



A sliding scale between R20 – 200 / $2 – 20 / €2 – 20 / £2 – 20.



Thursday June 24th @ 7pm SAST

Thursday November 18th @ 7pm SAST

Thursday February 17th @ 7pm SAST


90-minute interactive teachings plus self study tools to develop an intimate and strong relationship with yourself.


If you are ready to accelerate your growth and communicate with greater empathy and compassion to the people who matter the most to you – then Whatsapp +2782 571 3306 for the Zoom Link & details.



Every relationship you have carries a common denominator YOU. 


Cultivating the kinds of healthy relationships you crave and dream of, requires you to create a healthy relationship with your SELF first. If you do not know what makes you happy or what your real needs are, how can anyone else?


Do you struggle with boundary issues, insecurity, lack of trust, miscommunication, or lack of intimacy in your relationships?


Are you prepared to learn practical applicable solutions you can apply to these and any other relationship issues as they arise?


Each teaching is designed to take you on a journey of self-discovery and personal empowerment, equipping you with tools to:


Get to know your SELF. Focusing on your personal growth and healing, unveils your true self. The more you know your SELF, the more you will attract people who see the real you.


Learn how to keep your relationships GROWING. It is usually easier to begin a relationship than to make it last. You need to develop the skills to foster the relationships health and growth.


Deal with issues and conflicts EFFECTIVELY. No relationship is perfect, inevitably conflict, discord and arguments will happen. Knowing how to deal with them appropriately and effectively strengthens the relationship, bringing you even closer together.


Nurture open-hearted, honest COMMUNICATION as the key. Problems, issues and challenges in a relationship aren’t the kiss of death. They are guiding and directing you to find ways to make the relationship even stronger and more stable.


Create equality and CO-OPERATION in your relationship. Keep the balance of power in the relationship reciprocal. Division and sharing of roles, duties, finances & decision making all need to be discussed, agreed upon and understood.


Maintain mutual respect and HONESTY. Respect your gender roles, this doesn’t mean the woman must follow the man’s lead. It means you understand and respect the natural instinctual differences of both genders.


Develop BALANCE in all aspects. Emotional  –  Physical  –  Mental  –  Spiritual  –  Sexual – Each must be openly discussed, explored, shared, cared for and respected.


COST: R7,500 per couple

DATES: Arranged privately

DETAILS: 2-night retreat, available Tuesday-Thursday.


Dedicating the time to focus on just the two of you will bring deep, long lasting change and growth.


If you are ready, then WhatsApp +2782 571 3306 OR EMAIL TO BOOK.


Every situation is as different as the individuals in it and so is your relationship.


Some couple’s come to us to enhance their already thriving relationship. Many of these couples have left with an even deeper sense of intimacy, connection, and celebration of one another. Other couples come to us looking to save their marriage or for a way to fix the problems that could otherwise lead to a possible break-up. We hold the attitude that every relationship holds the potential for healing, provided each person is willing to step into co-empowerment with one another.


No relationship is perfect, nor is there a happily ever after. Relationship challenges are normal and can be very distressing. Successfully negotiating your way through can be difficult to do on your own, especially if you don’t have the tools or methods to resolve them. 


In our Private Couple’s Retreat, we begin by exploring what is working, what is not working and what needs to change. We look at each individual and the relationship in its totality, which encompasses the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual, and sexual aspects. We delve into the personal issues and challenges you are currently facing as a couple in a caring safe environment. This supportive neutral space will get you talking openly and honestly in order to establish clear agreements where you and your partner can communicate open-heartedly, listen with an open mind, support with care and challenge with compassion.



You will experience meaningful change as you engage with opportunities to heal and let go of the past, and you will take home new tools to keep you moving forward together in a positive direction. No matter what motivation brings you to this page, it is important to find the right kind of guidance, assistance and support that will give you valuable tools and practical techniques to work through the challenges and joys, and that will also develop, nurture and sustain thriving relationships.



  • Opportunities to set personal intentions for what you want to achieve in your relationship with yourself, life and your partner
  • Regular practice of ’emptying the cup’ hones awareness and provides a clear focused intent to do what needs to be done for self to support empowering relationships
  • Tools to nurture honest, clear communication that can be shared and heard by both individuals.
  • Debriefs of each experience to initiate the integration process.
  • Mindful meditation practices to come back to self.
  • Mindful movement exercises and tools, uniting body, mind and spirit with intention to support higher levels of awareness.
  • Ancient rituals of cleansing and purification to support the healing process and facilitate empowering relationships with self, life and others
  • Teachings and tools for application
  • keys to creating successful relationships
  • cornerstones to healthy relationships
  • discovering, recognizing and breaking free of co-dependency
  • stepping into co-empowerment
  • complexities, dynamics and inherent differences between women and men
  • love expressions
  • the Wheel of Awareness
  • practical exercises designed to facilitate change in how you relate to yourself, life and your partner

Individuals and/or couples who are:

  • invested in improving the way they relate to themselves, their life and with others
  • looking for support, direction or guidance to a healthier and more fulfilling state of living
  • wishing to enhance and deepen their perspective and approach to their relationships
  • wanting to deepen and their relationships and transform their lives
  • needing help to solve a specific problem and move forward with more confidence and less anxiety
  • looking for effective conflict resolution tools
  • at a place where their relationships have become stale or boring and feel like they are living separate lives
  • facing issues like money, sex, infidelity, in-laws or children and who can’t seem to come together in mutual understanding