Deepen & Enhance Your Relationships

The cornerstone of co-creating empowered relationships with our partners, parents, children, friends, co-workers and others is founded upon the quality of our self-relationship.


It is our responsibility to ensure we care for our own needs. Our needs are equally as important as those of the other person. In fact, if both people are ensuring their needs are met, the relationship is more likely to thrive because it is built by satisfied, fulfilled individuals. Not caring for our needs makes us feel deficient, lacking and empty. We become dependent on the other person in the relationship to fill the emptiness. This is a recipe for disaster. It is the primary cause of failure in any relationship.


Healthy, fulfilling relationships don’t just happen. For a relationship to thrive, both individuals must focus their attention equally on themselves, the other person and the relationship. This involves ongoing effort, communication, the investment of time, the willingness to shift and grow together and mutual respect. The more capable we are at taking care of ourselves, the more we can offer to the relationship.


No relationship is perfect, nor is there a happily ever after. Relationship challenges are normal and can be very distressing. Successfully negotiating our way through relationship issues can be difficult to do on our own, especially if we don’t have the tools or methods to resolve them. Dedicating the time to focus on how you relate to yourself, life and others will bring deep, long lasting change and growth to the way you experience relationships.


It is important to find the right kind of guidance, assistance and support to work through these challenges and learn valuable tools and techniques to stay on track with all our relationships. We hold the attitude that every relationship holds the potential for healing, provided each person is willing to step into co-empowerment with one another.

Unlike the one-size-fits-all generic style workshops, our focus is not on fixing your problems or rescuing your relationship.


Our approach is all about empowering you to create happy healthy relationships in your life. Co-creating empowered relationships requires each person to take responsibility for their part in the relationship. This involves healing and letting go of the past, establishing personal and co-operative goals, engaging with clear, open-hearted communication and supporting personal growth.


We provide a caring environment, with results-oriented and highly effective coaching, guidance and support. Together we explore the holistic picture of how healthy, functional, dynamic and supportive relationships work. We look at the individuals and the relationship in their totality, including the emotional, physical, mental, spiritual and sexual aspects.


The underlying cause of relationship failure is co-dependency and the antidote is co-empowerment. We explore how to move from being the victim, persecutor and rescuer in a co-dependent relationship to the listener, challenger and supporter in a co-empowered relationship.

Our personalized couples workshops focus on your unique relationship where we begin by exploring what is working, what isn’t working and what needs to change. They are designed to provide tools, techniques and knowledge to help you create empowered relationships that feed and support you, empower your life and enhance how you relate to your beloved.


This is a general idea of what you can expect during the course of the workshop:



An opportunity to set personal intentions for what you want to achieve in your relationship with yourself, life and your partner

Regular practice of ’emptying the cup’ hones awareness and provides a clear focused intent to do what needs to be done for self to support empowering relationships

Debriefs of each experience to initiate the integration process


Stepping into the silence

Mindful meditation practices to clarify and re-set intent

Mindful movement exercises and tools, uniting body, mind and spirit with intention to support higher levels of awareness


Sweat lodge

An ancient ritual of cleansing and purification to support the healing process and facilitate empowering relationships with self, life and others


Teaching circles and tools for application

Some of what you will learn during these workshops:

  • keys to creating successful relationships
  • cornerstones to successful relationships
  • discovering, recognizing and breaking free of co-dependency
  • stepping into co-empowerment
  • complexities, dynamics and inherent differences between women and men
  • love expressions
  • the Wheel of Awareness
  • practical exercises designed to facilitate change in how you relate to yourself, life and your partner

The relationships work we facilitate is aimed at couples who are…

  • invested in improving the way they relate to themselves, their life and with others
  • looking for support, direction or guidance to a healthier and more fulfilling state of living
  • wishing to enhance and deepen their perspective and approach to their relationships
  • wanting to deepen and their relationships and transform their lives
  • needing help to solve a specific problem and move forward with more confidence and less anxiety
  • looking for effective conflict resolution tools
  • at a place where their relationships have become stale or boring and feel like they are living separate lives
  • facing issues like money, sex, infidelity, in-laws or children and who can’t seem to come together in mutual understanding