We cannot know our true selves or our true capabilities until we have the courage to strip away the masks

Sacred Journeys is founded from an ancient lineage of Shamanism, a body of knowledge and teachings known as Medicine Wheels inherited from the Twisted Hair Elders, a select group of indigenous teachers and healers from North, South and Central America (known as Turtle Island).

This form of Shamanism is the foundation for the ‘Art of Living in Awareness’, providing tools and skills to align ourselves with the natural rhythms of Nature and Life.

These Medicine Wheel Teachings demonstrate an intimate and profound understanding of Science, Nature, Psychology and Physiology – all the ingredients that equip us with the most efficient way to wake up, claim the best of ourselves and carry that excellence forward.

These Twisted Hair Elders were Medicine Women and Men who dedicated their lives to the pursuit of knowledge from all sources and all walks of life. They walked a path of beauty and integrity and were respected for their wisdom and power.

To them hair represented knowledge, so rather than only working within a single tradition they devoted themselves to travelling Turtle Island, braiding and weaving their knowledge and understanding of the world. They open-heartedly shared this knowledge with those seeking to find balance, harmony and healing.

This sacred knowledge of the universal laws, the human psyche, ancient healing techniques, alignment and communication with the elements of nature, ceremonial alchemy, controlled dreaming and spiritual awakening has been handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years and endured the test of time.

We are honoured to be a part of this lineage and it is our privilege to uphold this tradition by sharing the knowledge, wisdom and ceremonies with you.

Our dynamic and life changing Retreats, Workshops, Programs and Gatherings are designed to strip away the masks that no longer belong and support you in your quest for healing, self-growth and personal excellence, allowing the authentic you to emerge.

Many arrive at Sacred Journeys not knowing what to expect, feeling somewhat nervous and even fearful of what might come. Afterwards, they find it difficult to leave, they often share how their experiences have far exceeded anything they could have hoped for and feel like they have found a deeper sense of ‘home’.

Our blended teaching style follows an integrated approach, providing various learning experiences in support of the organic nature of humans. In this way, we provide a diverse and holistic transformational experience. Some of the many techniques we use are;

  • Lecture style teaching
  • Interactive group discussion
  • Medicine Wheel Teachings
  • Cognitive mind mapping
  • Group activities & experiences
  • Personal Warrior Tasks
  • Mindful Meditation
  • Body-Mind integration exercises
  • Personal Reflection
  • Story telling & sharing sessions
  • Physical Techniques of Discipline
  • Ceremony
  • plus many more practical tools…

We know from experience that the work we do changes people’s lives in a deep & meaningful way.

At the end of each Gathering we ask participants to share some of what they have experienced. Feedback we most often receive speaks of the following; gratitude for holding such a safe space; ability to express my deepest emotions without feeling judged; letting go; healing my body; insights & wisdom; patience; unconditional acceptance; enlightening & life-altering; understanding; gentleness; love; support; respect; beauty; truth; care; integrity & impeccability…

What Grandmother Earth is doing in her cycle is a mirror for us as humans.

We are of her body and everything we need to live and thrive, comes from her. By acknowledging and honouring her natural cycle and flow of movement, we can be in alignment with her spirit. Being of service to the earth in this way shows respect for the living form that houses us. Coming into balance with her, is a way to find balance within.

We honour and celebrate these natural cycles of movement by coming together regularly throughout the year for Community Gathering Circles.

Each Gathering is different. Every time we come together to sit in Circle, we honour ourselves & each other for who we are & our current state of being.

Contact us to find out when our next Community Gathering will be.

Autumnal Equinox
Mabon is a harvest celebration, days shorten and Nature begins to prepare for the Winter months to come.
We celebrate the bounty of the harvest, reaping what we have sown. With wisdom and gratitude, we use this bounty to prepare for darker, colder days ahead.
We also acknowledge the natural contraction of nature into the winter dreaming cycle as we set intention to slow down and go within.

This is a time of special opening into the world of spirit, establishing a connection to our ancestors.
It gives us the opportunity to honour our ancestors, to tell their stories and to remember. It is a time to confront fears around death and to face death through ritual.
We use this time to channel our energies towards slowing down our pace of life to prepare for the coming Winter.

Midwinter Solstice
Yule is the shortest day and longest night.
It is a time to go inward, into the birthing caves to see the energy of death and look into the shadow.
We acknowledge the darkness for its capacity to teach us of rebirthing ourselves into the light. We allow the mind to soar while the body rests.

The sun returns. The darkest night of the year has passed and the light is returning anew.
It is an opportunity to cleanse, purify, rest and renew in anticipation for the life to come. A time for preparation of the new season, for new gestation within the Mother. The lighting of fires within the hearth symbolises the heart fire that helped us transition through the darker months.

Vernal Equinox
Ostara brings the midpoint of Spring, it is a time of warming on the Earth, and with this warming comes the promise of renewed fertility.
Life brings rebirth, reminding us of the potential for all living things. Night and day stand in perfect balance, with light on its increase.
It is a time of great fertility, new growth and rapid change.

Beltane is the celebration of springtime. Nature dresses herself in green and the outdoors beckons in an explosion of life.
Things above and below the earth start to stir and grow, cracking open the winter shell to allow life to emerge. Stirred by the energies at work in nature, God and Goddess surrender to desire, lie among the grasses and blossoms, and unite. This act encourages us to awaken the beloved within and to become pregnant with ourselves.

Midsummer Solstice
Litha is the longest day and the shortest night.
The light of the sun warms the bones of the fertile earth, our pregnant mother. It is celebrated with bonfires and rejoicing.
We acknowledge that this is the time when all things move quickly in the direction that they must grow.

A celebration of the abundance of harvest, this is a time for consuming, sharing and feasting.
It is a time when all of nature is open fully to the light with the potential to mature into the fullness of themselves.
To be the full blossom or the ripe apple.

Consider what kind of Shamanic experience is right for you…

  • Private Consultations (Counselling / Healing / AMWA Readings)
  • A Sweat Lodge (±4½ hours)
  • A Relationships Workshop or Awareness Retreat
  • The Living Clean Program (available annually in December)
  • The Rainbow Warrior Program (Registrations open in January – Enrolments finalised in March – Program begins in May)
  • Red Owl Sisterhood, Community Gatherings, Medicine Wheel Gardens or Visiting the Centre.

Step 1: Contact the Centre.

Our experience has shown us that the most effective way to find out how we can support you, is to call us to discuss your personal needs, ask any questions you may have & check availability.
We like to keep our Medicine Circles small so space is limited at all our Gatherings.

Step 2: Secure your Booking.

You can read up about our Heart Exchange Policies here.
Provisional bookings are held for 3 days.
Your booking is secured by making your Heart Exchange payment.

Step 3: Prepare for your Sacred Journey.

Once your booking is secured, we will send you a Prep-Mail with all the info you need to prepare for your Sacred Journeys experience.

We place infinite worth on the Gatherings we offer at Sacred Journeys. It is our privilege to witness and participate in the growth people experience while here. Joining us requires you to be present, aware and committed to your journey, with the willingness to give equally for what you receive.

Our Heart Exchange Policy is inspired from understanding the principle of mutual exchange. This means the value of what you receive from the experience is equal to your financial investment. You will find equitable exchange values for our offered services in ‘Heart Exchange Policies’ although for many, the gains made during their Sacred Journeys experience, far surpass the requested investment of money.

We do not intend for money to become a factor preventing anyone from participating, however, there is no such thing as a free ride. Everything in the universe follows the principle of mutual energy exchange. For example, the bee takes pollen so that it may nurture and care for its hive and in exchange fertilizes the flower so that it too may thrive. We have experienced that this kind of balanced equitable exchange creates opportunity for the greatest benefits for all involved to thrive.

Should you feel called to join us but have difficulty meeting the requested exchange, talk to us about a proposal for equitable exchange expressing from your heart, how you can honour the value of what you will gain from the experience, honestly giving what you can, no more & no less

Heart gifts are just that – a gift from your heart, given with the receiver in mind. They can include something that is created, bought or that you have in abundance.

Traditionally, a Heart Gift is offered to express appreciation, acknowledgement and to honour a Dance Chief or Medicine Guide for having performed ceremony, given a teaching or provided healing work on your behalf.

These exchanges ensure there are no energetic debts on any level.

The impact of Shamanic work happens on many levels. On the Tonal level (everyday physical reality), this involves an equitable financial exchange. On the Nagual level (all spiritual levels) a Heart Gift may be offered from your spirit, to the Dance Chief or Medicine Guide’s spirit, as an energy exchange for having held a sacred space for you.

A Heart Gift is usually given with an offering of tobacco, which symbolises the sealing of one’s intent and a connection to spirit. This can be done by giving a pouch of tobacco or taking a pinch of tobacco, wrapping it in red fabric and tying it closed with red yarn (red representing protection and heart connection).

We are often asked for Heart Gifting ideas. Suggested Heart Gifts could include Red Wine (for Lou) or Prosecco (for Laurel), Woolworths espresso coffee beans, dark chocolate, herbal teas, coconut/olive oil, essential oils, honey/maple syrup, assorted dried herbs.

Monetary donations are welcome & are put towards the continued upgrading of the land & its facilities.