The power of the womb.

“I imagine that women and men are equal…”
Twisted Hair Grandmothers

What is the Red Owl Sisterhood?

The Red Owl Sisterhood is a Sacred Space of exploration for Women.

Its intent is focused on upholding, honouring and celebrating the Sacred Law stating; ‘All things are born of the feminine, receptive conceptive energy and sparked by the masculine, active conceptive energy’.

Within these sacred circles, we explore and experience the ancient roots of women’s wisdom and power, as we pursue our commitment to individual and collective mutual growth for all humans.

From these sacred circles, we aim to contribute towards creating a state of balance between women and men, as we exchange and co-operate with one another and with brotherhood circles.

We honour the previous seven generations of wisdom keepers and elders of all traditions dedicated to walking in the light. In gratitude for their contributions to our learning and understanding, we strive to keep the integrity of women’s wisdom in trust for the seven generations yet to come.

We honour Nature as our teacher, learning from her infinite wisdom, teaching us how to live in alignment with the natural cycles and sacred laws of creation. We align ourselves to the natural cycle within the calendar year through ceremonial celebrations. We honour our monthly moonblood and give it back to Grandmother Earth to deepen and strengthen our connection with her.

The Red Owl Sisterhood provides opportunities to learn ancient women’s knowledge and experience ceremonies, initiations, rites of passage and rituals. We accept our responsibility to be role models of co-empowerment for women of all ages, within and outside of our sisterhood circle.

We practice heart to heart communication, speaking to each other openly and honestly, with respect and care.

We commit to support each other through the challenges of everyday life to the best of our ability without stepping into each others circles by fixing or rescuing.

We practice humour, pursue pleasure over pain and we act with the dignity and grace of the goddess within.

We are a circle of women who seek knowledge that leads us and all humans to the Light. We are the change we want to see in the world.

Red Owl Teaching Circles…

Using the Medicine Wheel Teachings as our vehicle, we journey into the Great Mystery of the Benevolent Matriarchal / Patriarchal Energy to unlock our Sacredness.

These Circles take an experiential approach. The more actively you participate in your own process the more you will gain from the experience.

You are encouraged to become your own disciple. To take the time to search and reflect within, so you can become aware of any dissonance arising through this powerful process and clear it away. Allow the knowledge to seat itself in your womb and dream with you.

As you do this, you will awaken to the knowing that you are the walking temple of Wakhan. It is your birthright to honour, celebrate and love your Self and the sacred female temple that is your physical body.

The more we can sit comfortably in our own skin and share from our naturalness, the more impact we have. This is our give-away to the world.


Teaching Circles are held weekly on a Tuesday afternoon at the Centre & are also available on webinar for those who are further away.

Red Owl Gathering Circles…

Do you want to live life in a sacred & intimate way?

Do you want to feel good about who you are as a woman?

Do you dream of letting your powerful inner wild woman emerge?

If you do, then ask to be included in Red Owl communication & join our Red Owl Facebook Group.

You can join our weekly Teaching Circles every Tuesday or experience the power of a Sisterhood Sweat Lodge.

Gathering Circles include Seasonal Celebrations, Women’s Retreats, Rites of Passage & Sisterhood Ceremonies.

These Gathering Circles bring women together to delve into the mystery and magick within us.

Each Gathering is different. Every time we come together in Circle, we honour ourselves & each other for who we are and our current state of being.

We explore teachings, tools and guided processes that help us to align more intimately to ourselves and awaken more fully to our Sacred Feminine so we can feel vital, energetic, empowered & supported to be ourselves.

Come and join a movement of Sisters, Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters, Warrior Women, Wild Women, Wise Women & Wonderful Women.

Women seeking to be a part of the solution, a Benevolent Matriarchal/Patriarchal Community, where we all find greater receptivity to the ebb & flow of our inner world & celebrate the fullness of our true nature.

Some of the Elders say the Sweat Lodge was created for men so they may also have an opportunity to release their stresses, worries and burdens, as women have the opportunity to do during their time of bleeding – or moontime. Many of us are so far removed from our bodies, we have lost connection to our natural way of being a woman.

The Sweat Lodge symbolizes the Earth’s womb, introspection and the feminine. The door to the Lodge always faces the fire which represents the spark of life, our connection to spirit and the masculine. We use the power of this metaphorical symbolism to help us return to a state of balance.

When women come together in Circle and participate in a Sweat Lodge Ceremony, we cross over the chasm created by our modern lifestyle and step back into conscious awareness our bodies. We create a fertile space within us from which we foster and grow our self-worth, find more acceptance and embrace a greater measure of self-love.

What Grandmother Earth is doing in her cycle is a mirror for us as humans. We are of her body and everything we need to live and thrive, comes from her.
By acknowledging and honouring her natural cycle and flow of movement, we can be in alignment with her spirit.
Being of service to the earth in this way shows respect for the living form that houses us.
Coming into balance with her, is a way to find balance within.

We honour and celebrate these natural cycles of movement.

Autumnal Equinox
Mabon is a harvest celebration, days shorten and Nature begins to prepare for the Winter months to come.
We celebrate the bounty of the harvest, reaping what we have sown. With wisdom and gratitude, we use this bounty to prepare for darker, colder days ahead.
We also acknowledge the natural contraction of nature into the winter dreaming cycle as we set intention to slow down and go within.

This is a time of special opening into the world of spirit, establishing a connection to our ancestors.
It gives us the opportunity to honour our ancestors, to tell their stories and to remember. It is a time to confront fears around death and to face death through ritual.
We use this time to channel our energies towards slowing down our pace of life to prepare for the coming Winter.

Midwinter Solstice
Yule is the shortest day and longest night.
It is a time to go inward, into the birthing caves to see the energy of death and look into the shadow.
We acknowledge the darkness for its capacity to teach us of rebirthing ourselves into the light. We allow the mind to soar while the body rests.

The sun returns. The darkest night of the year has passed and the light is returning anew.
It is an opportunity to cleanse, purify, rest and renew in anticipation for the life to come. A time for preparation of the new season, for new gestation within the Mother. The lighting of fires within the hearth symbolises the heart fire that helped us transition through the darker months.

Vernal Equinox
Ostara brings the midpoint of Spring, it is a time of warming on the Earth, and with this warming comes the promise of renewed fertility.
Life brings rebirth, reminding us of the potential for all living things. Night and day stand in perfect balance, with light on its increase.
It is a time of great fertility, new growth and rapid change.

Beltane is the celebration of springtime. Nature dresses herself in green and the outdoors beckons in an explosion of life.
Things above and below the earth start to stir and grow, cracking open the winter shell to allow life to emerge. Stirred by the energies at work in nature, God and Goddess surrender to desire, lie among the grasses and blossoms, and unite. This act encourages us to awaken the beloved within and to become pregnant with ourselves.

Midsummer Solstice
Litha is the longest day and the shortest night.
The light of the sun warms the bones of the fertile earth, our pregnant mother. It is celebrated with bonfires and rejoicing.
We acknowledge that this is the time when all things move quickly in the direction that they must grow.

A celebration of the abundance of harvest, this is a time for consuming, sharing and feasting.
It is a time when all of nature is open fully to the light with the potential to mature into the fullness of themselves.
To be the full blossom or the ripe apple.