“You are the walking temple of Wakhan.
Claim your birthright to honour, celebrate and love your Self “

Red Owl guides us into the Matriarchal Teachings of the Medicine Wheels.

Her spirit is alive within every woman
Allow her ancient wisdom to awaken
As it seats itself within your womb
Invite her to dream with you
As you awaken to the knowing
And accept
That you are Beautiful
The walking temple of Wakhan
The Universal Mother

A woman’s womb is a vessel for transformation and magick. Her natural cycles grant access to powerful mysteries of rebirth.

If we are to birth ourselves into who we truly desire to be ‘The Natural Self’, then we must learn to harness this power. It is our birthright to honour, celebrate and love being a Woman. To hold the sacred temple that is our physical body with intimacy, respect and care.

We gather together in Red Owl Circles; Sisters, Mothers, Daughters and Grandmothers, to heal the wounding of our past, find comfort in our own skin and show up for each other in our naturalness.

This is our celebration, our give-away to the world.

Are you ready to journey into the depths of your mystery, reclaim your naturalness and embody the wisdom within your womb?
If yes, then join other like-minded sisters from across the world, in Red Owl Sisterhood to explore what it means to be a woman.

Using the Medicine Wheel Teachings as our vehicle, we journey into the mysterious differences and the profound similarities of the feminine and masculine, to find balance and wholeness.

These Sisterhood Circles take an experiential approach, incorporating a variety of teachings, tools and guided processes.

You are encouraged to become your own disciple – to search and reflect within, allowing ‘what needs to be seen’ to arise, then use the energy of the Circle to clear it away. The more actively you participate in the process, the more you will gain from the experience.

To sit in Red Owl Sisterhood takes a commitment to yourself, and a willingness to confront the dissonant patterns holding you back from self love and living in your naturalness. It demands a firm dedication to healing the relationship between your inner man and outer woman as you refine your character and maturity.

Are you ready to be inspired by the powerful woman within? If your curiosity has brought you this far, then you probably are!

We gather every Tuesday ‘In Person’ or ‘In Zoom Room’


in AUGUST 2018 
with Laurel Weaving Willow

We come together in the presence of the Matriarchal Medicine Wheel Teachings and ask the spirit of Red Owl to guide us ever deeper into unlocking the power of our wombs.

These Teaching Circles offer valuable knowledge, exercises, guided journeys and creative expression that will take you into the uncharted realms of your feminine mystery and magick. Travel into the domain of feeling and emotion, learn to listen intimately to your body, seek out and release worn-out patterns of thought, expression and action. You will emerge fully awakened to your Sacred Feminine, feeling vital, energetic, empowered & supported to walk out your true nature spirit.

Honour the process of letting go, so you can free yourself up to discover the essential light of spirit residing deep within your heart. This is the potent, healing current of your inner woman, the Great Mother Goddess.

Come and join a movement of Sisters, Grandmothers, Mothers, Daughters, Warrior Women, Wild Women, Wise Women & Wonderful Women.

in AUGUST 2018 
with Laurel Weaving Willow

Some Elders say the Sweat Lodge was created for men, to emulate the power of a woman’s time of bleeding – or moontime. Regardless of gender, the Sweat Lodge offers us a powerful process for releasing stresses, worries, burdens, toxins, ill health, etc.

The Sweat Lodge symbolizes the Earth’s womb, introspection and the feminine. The door to the Lodge always faces the fire which represents the spark of life, our connection to spirit and the masculine. The feminine energy of the Lodge and the masculine energy of the fire combine to create an alchemical process of transformation and rebirth. We use the power of this metaphorical symbolism to help us re-connect and restore balance within.

When women come together in Circle to participate in a Sweat Lodge Ceremony, we create a fertile space within us from which we can foster growth in our self-worth, self-acceptance and self-love.

on AUGUST 12th 2018 
with Laurel Weaving Willow