Come and join us for ONLINE Shamanic Teachings where we share the beauty, magick & power of the Medicine Wheel, an ancient lineage of truth & knowledge from the Twisted Hair elders, a select group of indigenous teachers and healers from North, South and Central America (known as Turtle Island).



A sliding scale between R20 – 200 / $2 – 20 / €2 – 20 / £2 – 20.



March 29th @ 19:00SAST – Children’s Planet

Thursday May 27th @ 19:00SAST – Identity

Thursday July 22nd @ 19:00SAST – Luminosity

Thursday October 21st @ 19:00SAST – Cycles

Thursday January 20th @ 19:00SAST – Song of the Universe


Each 90-minute teaching has a theme, and from there we explore what comes up in the Circle on that night. You will gain deeper insights into yourself, the world around you and others. We include practical tools and exercises to help incorporate the knowledge and wisdom into your daily life and personal ceremony for deep and meaningful integration.

Whatsapp +2782 571 3306 for details.


This sacred knowledge of the universal laws, the human psyche, ancient healing techniques, alignment and communication with the elements of nature, ceremonial alchemy, controlled dreaming and spiritual awakening has been handed down from teacher to student for thousands of years and endured the test of time.


We are honoured to be a part of this Twisted Hair lineage and it is our privilege to uphold this tradition by sharing the knowledge, wisdom and ceremonies with you, with the same integrity and spirit that our teachers had when they shared the teachings with us.

Do you feel an undeniable stirring, beckoning you to free your magnificence and direct the course of your life?

Have you reached a point where you find yourself standing at a crossroads, ready to change direction in a profound and meaningful way because you know you can’t continue traveling down the same old road.


Imagine tapping into the undiscovered wealth of power, magick, knowledge and wisdom that lies within.


This is the calling of the Rainbow Warrior.


It is a journey into the depths of one’s inner reality, braved only by those who are ready to face their darkness and their shining equally. It is in this inner landscape, where we learn to become self-aware through self-honesty and learn self-forgiveness through self-love.


To acknowledge that you are a Rainbow Warrior is to embark on a remarkable Sacred Journey of living in awareness in the pursuit of your own personal growth and spiritual awakening.


In this program you will travel alongside the age-old footsteps of the Twisted Hair elders, who were committed to living and walking a path that sang to their heart as they empowered humans to develop individual autonomous freedom and find greater meaning and purpose to life.

The Rainbow Warrior program offers a fully comprehensive course of study founded in the Twisted Hair teachings.


This program is rooted in the old way of apprenticeship, where the commitment of the student opens the space for the teacher to appear.


This means you are ready to enter into an agreement with yourself, spirit and your teacher to face your own shadow, confront the enemy within and deal with your fears, beliefs, philosophies, co-dependencies, ignorance, disempowerment and dysfunctional patterns of behaviour.


Together we travel from one training year (Movement) to the next, exploring ancient wisdom, teachings and ceremonies which reveal an intimate and profound understanding of nature, science, psychology and physiology.


This program will challenge you to become the student, asking you to empty your cup and let go of what you think you know in order to discover what is genuinely true. It is a dynamic journey that requires your willingness to release all the ways you shaped yourself in order to fit in, conform and belong.


As a Rainbow Warrior you will learn to create positive relationships, play a more active and responsible role in your world and bring greater levels of happiness, health, hope and harmony into your experiences.

There are Five Movements within the Rainbow Warrior Training Program.


One Movement takes 12 months to complete. Each Movement or training year begins in March/April, ends the following February, and includes 5 training weekends plus a week-long Ceremonial Gateway. Each movement is progressive, built on the one before and includes a framework of teachings, tools and ceremonies which provide an alchemical process to uncover the true nature spirit personality of the apprentice.


Each training weekend is packed with teachings, tools, ceremonies and techniques where we introduce you to Medicine Wheels, the Worlds of Grandmother Earth, the Powers and Manifestations of the Medicine Wheel, your personal Birth Constellation using AMWA, the Moon Cycles, the Human energy field, Sacred/Universal/Cosmic Laws and so much more.


The week-long ‘Ceremonial Gateway’ is held at the end of February each year, and brings all Rainbow Warrior movements to completion. This is where all Rainbow Warrior apprentices collectively gather to step into the ceremonial components that bring integration of their current movement and activates their progression into the next movement. In other words, we come together in collective intent to step ourselves forward in our evolution and growth, thereby touching the seven generations that have come before us and the seven generations that are yet to come with our intent.


First Movement – As the Student, the intent is to initiate the healing of the Child Substance Shield and the wounds of the past. It is designed to help the Student discover their path with heart and to awaken the healer and warrior within.


Second Movement – As the Apprentice, the intent is to make as many changes as are necessary to heal the Adult Substance Shield. It is designed to help the Apprentice confront the enemy within, make death an ally and gain the 5 Huaquas.


Third Movement – As the Apprentice, the intent is to erase the remnants of self-pity so that the Apprentice can become present and aware of the moment. It is designed to help the Apprentice become teachable, step into the Adult Spirit Shield and become the Warrior.


Fourth Movement – As the Warrior, the intent is to make the choice to create a life where the Apprentice can walk in the light. It is designed to help the Apprentice bring a death to their karmic ego, birth their Dharmic Ego and engage with life through the awakened Child Spirit Shield.


Fifth Movement – As the Leader, the intent is to step into leadership of one’s own life. It is designed to help the Apprentice access the wisdom of the Elder Shield, find the light within their shadow and to assemble their world with sobriety and consciousness.

  • All seekers – we have all heard that when the student is ready the teacher appears
  • Those who feel that the Art of the Rainbow Warrior “sings to their heart”, excites them and fuels their passion for knowledge and truth
  • Those who recognize that the only way to find their authentic self is to heal the wounds of the past
  • Those who want to return to a more balanced state of wholeness in order to assist or be of value to others in their healing journey
  • Those who are willing to open their heart and commit to digging into the shadow to illuminate their shining and inspire their greatness
  • Those who want to claim their medicine and let it shine
  • Those who are ready to push their edges and assume accountability and authority for their lives

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Due to the nature of this program, we only take a maximum of 10 new students each year.


We meet with everyone before enrollment in the Rainbow Warrior Program to sit ‘face to face’ and determine whether we are a good fit for one another.


If becoming a Rainbow Warrior calls to your spirit and touches your heart, then call us now to arrange an interview.

+2782 571 3306