Lou Worldweaver and Laurel Weaving Willow

A healthy relationship is one of the most fulfilling and rewarding experiences two people can share. They don’t just magickally happen though, it takes a willing effort from both partners to contribute to its health and well-being. Building a healthy relationship relies on the same principles as erecting a building. The sturdiness and solidity of […]
A Simple Way to Meditate

Have you ever tried to sit and meditate only to find no matter how hard you worked at it, you just couldn’t silence your mind? Well you’re not alone, I faced the same issues every time I would attempt to meditate. Just as I got settled into a quiet mental space, I would immediately fall […]

A relationship is a partnership capable of enhancing every aspect of your life, emotionally, mentally, physically, spiritually and sexually. Each couple is different and there are no hard and fast rules to a healthy relationship. The key is for both partners to invest time and effort in keeping the relationship strong, vibrant and moving forward. […]
The Talking Stick – A Powerful Communication Tool

Communication is the activity of sharing thoughts, ideas and messages. We do this primarily through words, body language and facial expressions. Our message is sent through a specific frequency which the receiver must be tuned into. As simple as communication can be, breakdowns happen frequently. The most common being the frustration of being misunderstood or […]

Around and around I go, on the merry-go-round of life. Making myself nauseous. Migraine threatens. A dark and heavy blanket, to numb away. I welcome it. But nothing comes. I recede into the darkness, for just a breath of reprieve. Nothing except fear is found. Overwhelming. Fear of finding myself at the point of breaking. […]
The truth about Addiction…

“The greatest pain is not being loved for who we are in our naturalness.” The word addiction is a Latin term describing a person who devotes or gives themselves over to someone or something; to become enslaved. It’s easy to apply this description to people facing extreme cases of addiction but it’s not as easy […]
A 7th Birthday Month Celebration

Reflecting back…   This March month has been a wonderful whirlwind of activity. It seems so long & yet just a few short weeks ago when we kicked off with a Rainbow Warrior Ceremonial Gateway Weekend which included this Group’s first overnight Ceremony. Julius, our grounds keeper & sacred rock carrier whom many of you […]
An exciting new year…

Hello, again beautiful Sacred Journeys Community… It feels like so long ago since we saw some of you at our last Community Sweat Lodge on New Years Day and although we have had a few Rainbow Warrior Sweats and several Gatherings in between, we are looking forward to being back in Grandmother Earth’s womb next […]
We are back in South Africa!

‘Dreaming In’ our Gatherings and meeting People who are of like mind is always a beautiful personal and collective Sacred Journey for us. If you are attracted to something we offer but are yet to journey with us, send us a message and ask for our Upcoming Gatherings to see what we are doing over […]