Shamanic teaching circle at Sacred Journeys.
Does what we do have anything to do with religion?
No, these Medicine Wheel Teachings help us to create an effective roadmap for life. They can be seen as the original form of spirituality, psychology, philosophy and science but more importantly they are about the essence of being human. It is both compatible and complimentary to many belief systems including Christianity. Over the years we have worked with many people who devoutly followed their religious beliefs and have used what we offer to deepen their spiritual connection to their chosen path.

I am looking for something that will help me expand and grow, how do I know what is right for me?

Your personal journey is an important one, the path you take and the choices you make affect your whole life. Imagine the responsibility of finding the right nursery school for your young child, knowing that whatever school you choose will impact them (positively or negatively) in every aspect of their growth and development. You would ensure that you explored all options so you could make the best decision for your precious bundle. You are equally as precious and it’s just as important when choosing the right therapist, teacher or guide to aid you in your self-growth. This is why we encourage you to do your homework before committing to any person or modality, including us. No-one has all the answers and it’s best to steer clear of anyone who suggests or intimates that they do. Talk to them, find out what they are about and trust your intuition to make the decision that feels right for you.

Can I claim from my Medical Aid?
It is possible to claim for alternative, non-medical interventions in many parts of the world, but Medical Aid Societies in South Africa generally don’t pay for this type of service.

You can always submit a proposal to your medical aid and see if you receive a favourable response.

What is the Shamanic Approach?

The Shamanic Approach is HOLISTIC; we look at the WHOLE you – your emotional fluidity, physical health, mental clarity, spiritual determination and your harmonious connection to all life. Being in balance with these aspects means that you are functioning at optimum level. Since everyone is influenced and affected by their inner and outer world, good or bad, imbalances happen.

As you accumulate life experiences, especially the ones that have a negative impact, you may lose your balance and become weighed down by emotions, especially those that cannot effectively be expressed or released. In your uniqueness, you look for a way to cope that best works for you. Some are effective and others may form unwanted habits like smoking, overeating or substance abuse. You may become withdrawn which impacts your self-esteem resulting in a lack of confidence, feelings of worthlessness and a lack of purpose in life.

The Shamanic Approach respects your individuality, your right to be in balance and your wholeness. It addresses the cause of these imbalances and opens your mind to other perspectives, possibilities and choices. Through this, you will gain greater levels of self-trust, self-respect and the celebration of your uniqueness.

The Shamanic Approach is HOLISTIC; we look at the WHOLE you. In this way, each session is designed to empower you and bring you back to a centered and balanced state so that you may choose to live the life you want to be living.

Many people advertise themselves to be Shamans, are they legit?
Generally no, you cannot just take a weekend course and then advertise yourself as a Shaman. It takes many years of training, teaching and practise to become a Shaman. A real Shaman is not intent on getting you to believe what they say but rather to help you find your own truth and wisdom. To be a Shaman is to follow a calling. Over 20 years ago Lou had such a calling and began his training in the ancient tradition of Shamanism from the Twisted Hair elders.
How can Shamanism help someone?
Shamanism will help anyone who is looking to improve and change their quality of life. Regardless of the issue or challenge, Shamanism will help you root out the cause and bring you back to a state of wholeness and balance. Clients who have worked with us have been empowered to live more fulfilling and happier lives.
An opportunity to open your mind and see the world from a different perspective

A way to re-connect and learn from Nature, our simplest and greatest teacher

An opportunity to let go of whatever holds you back from being that beautiful, natural human you dream yourself to be

Taking yourself out of your normal everyday life and experience something new and exciting

Tools and techniques that give you a deeper insight into the human psyche

Sharing in a community of like minded people that support each other in a unique and open hearted way

The only requirement we have is that you come with an open mind and the willingness to explore new possibilities.